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Posted Jan. 27, 2021, 12:55 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Drudoc blinked, “..Well I hadn’t meant now.” She said chuckling a little but took the offered PADD anyhow to review it briefly while they talked.

At the question for a drink, Drudoc nodded some, “..An Albertian Root Tea, please. Chilled.” she requested.

After a brief look over of the logs Drudoc slid the PADD back to Fayth giving a nod as she returned that everything was in order.

Sharah ordered the tea and a glass of water for herself. She took a seat across from Drudoc and handed her the glass

Once the strong sweet scented tea was produced Drudoc took a seat on one of the chairs. Again for a moment she was struck by uncertainty how to proceed with checking in on their current situation. It was a strangeness she considered how she tried to balance her professionalism and being approachable to her staff and crew mates. Sipping the tea a moment she let its strong natural sweetness wash over her palette. “..It is a strange time and place we find ourselves in would you not say? Thrown further then any known race or ship before, to a place none could imagine we’d set foot in for ages to come if at all..” She remarked then.

Drudoc Andone CO

Sharah nodded, “I find I am both extremely excited for what we will discover, terrified that we will cross paths with people who are not peaceful, and deeply heartbroken that I may never see my family again. But as I told my staff, we will have to make a new and stronger family. We are not the first Federation ship to be lost to the distant stars.”

Lt jg Fayth CSO

”..Quite so, Tel’eck is already proposing a ‘Welcome To The GN-z11 Galaxy’ party for the children and adults in 17/18 Forward at some point. She is taking this in ways I hadn’t expected. Namely eager to explore and meet people for better or worse. She unwavering believes we will get ourselves home eventually so why not expand our knowledges while we’re at it?” Drudoc said with a fond smile sipping the tea again. “..I must admit her attitude is contagious it seems among the youth I saw her with. Despite them being scared initially they seem excited to do just as she said and I must admit too I’m feeling a bit the same..” Drudoc mused.

“On my way down to check in with the crew at the hull breach I had to take a detour past the school rooms on Deck 15. Tel’eck and her friend Sarah were doing an amazing job of keeping the younger children calm and focused. Tel’eck has a way of thriving under adversity. Not only making herself better but those around her as well.”

”..How about you? How are you taking this personally?” Drudoc queried.

Drudoc Andone CO

Sharah thought about it. “I haven’t really thought about it much. I am luckier than most. I have my fiance here, I am not alone, in that respect, and I find I am more grateful than anything else. What about you, Captain?” Sharah considered Drudoc a friend and knew that command could be isolating. Drudoc had been there to listen for Sharah and she would gladly be there to listen for her.

Lt jg Fayth CSO

”..The resilience of youth as they say is an amazing thing to behold. It makes me smile everytime I see Tel’eck and other children even now adapt better to our situation or experiences then we trained adults often do..” Drudoc pondered.

Drudoc sipped her tea again, pondering the question. Her natural instinct was to say ‘fine’ or something similar. But even the professional and dutiful bound part of her knew that would be a lie. “..Much as you said, I have Tel’eck, and the ship and crew while bruised from our experience to come here is whole and hale. One could not ask for a better outing to start on, nor that I like you, have my family here. I pray for those who do not they will endure our trials ahead.” Drudoc said sipping the tea again seeming in thought.

”..I wonder if perhaps this is not part of the debate the Q are having now? Watching how we react, how our children react and grow? Q that sent us here said the Continuum had been watching us for some time in our understanding. I wonder exactly what is it we have done to draw their interest specifically? Especially within the past year or two? What horizons have we ‘mortals’ broken on this ship and crew to earn such a lofty watch?” Drudoc said mostly to herself but equally to Fayth, she knew that the young CSO being so new to the crew probably couldn’t answer for sure, but despite this the thought nagged at Drudoc.

Drudoc Andone CO

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