Side Sim - Checking On The Staff - Gym Crisis - Tag For Security!

Posted Jan. 27, 2021, 1:47 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)

Salzar looked across the Gym to the sauna where the NCadets were locked up, after getting off his call with the Captain he did his duty and informed both they CO was on her way. Tapping his badge again he alerted security which he reflected he should have done sooner. =/\= NE Salzar to security, we need a team down here in the ship’s Gym. NCadets Harris and Barris have locked themselves in the sauna and disabled the heating controls and are preventing us from getting to them safely. They’re demanding to speak to the Captain, who I alerted and is on her way. =/\= he said.

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