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Posted Feb. 21, 2021, 1:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Hayley Marshall (Chief Medical Officer) (Amie Genest)

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“I imagine you are feeling a bit like Atlas right now, like the weight of the worlds is sitting on your shoulders. It can’t be easy dealing with all that. I would hate to see you resign from Starfleet, though and I am not sure more work would be a solution either, however it certainly could be easily arranged if that is what you’d like.” This last was followed by a wry smile. “Have you considered taking an LOA? Putting your commission on hold for a time perhaps?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO

“Yes, it was not easy.” Trax said in between bites of his food. “I considered that option but the captain told me that was not a good thing to do right now due to our current situation and its wiser to have all of our medical teams together till the crisis is over and all.” Trax said with a small sigh. as he reached over for his iced tea to take a good drink of it. “I can use the extra work to get all the medical areas caught up or fully restored from all the craziness we have had and we can be laxer after were back to our home starbase areas or at least back in federation space.” Trax said softly to her. as he continued to eat. “What are you having to eat?” tax asked her.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor Off Duty

“Shepherds Pie,” she replied glancing down at her plate. “I guess I should actually eat some of it right?” She fiddled with her fork for a moment. “My appetite hasn’t been great the last few days so I thought I would tease it with an old favorite. My mother used to make it for us when we were kids.” She paused to consider what he had said previously. “I guess with the crisis and all your choices are pretty limited right now. It’s not like we can even contact Starfleet regarding either LOA or resignation. That said, I am sure we can find you a few extra days off if you need some time. It seems though that you would rather be busy. Is that so?”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO Off Duty

“I personally would like to keep busy but if you think me taking time off will help I will go with the consensus. ” Trax said softly as he finished off his meal. And finished off his iced tea as well. As he waved for a refill of his tea. “I kinda agree its kinda drastic to deal with a resignation or a loa.”

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor Off Duty

Hayley smiled warmly in reply, “We would certainly hate to lose you as well. Rankings and demotions aside you are the most experienced physician on this ship and the whole department, myself included look up to you. You are already working full time so I am not sure I want to increase your duty shifts but we can certainly keep you busier during them. The Captain has reminded me that we should be looking outward as well as inward with everything going on right now. Would you like to take charge of that assignment? The scanning and analysis of the local space we are in as well as any civilizations me may encounter for medical concerns?”

Jr. Lt. Hayley Marshall, CMO Off Duty

“I can try doctor. I know its not an easy assignment but that would me I would have to use one of the vacant science stations on the bridge and that would mean if anything happens I would have to pull myself from that assignment to deal with medical needs in sickbay 2.” Trax said calmly to her. He knew she was trying to give him what he asked more things for him to do. “Of course that is your decision doctor. I will take on the assignment if you so order it doctor.” tax said softly as his fresh iced sweet tea arrived.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor off duty.

I’d rather give you a choice then an order doctor. If it interests you and you’d like the challenge it is yours. If you prefer overseeing Sickbay 2 that is also just fine. Whichever you feel best suits you at this time. I can assign Ensign Locke or Ensign Lana or myself to whichever task you don’t choose. Rest assured, Sickbay 2 will remain your domain. These would be temporary reassignments in response to our current situation.

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO off duty

“Don’t get me wrong Doctor I would love a challenge and all but I better wait on that assignment for now. I will Deal with Sickbay two as its my domain for now.” Trax said sincerely to the other doctor but looking apologetic at the same time. “I feel that my current condition will blind me to other things mission-related and don’t want to become a liability or danger.” Trax said softly to her. Trax drank down his tea again as he asked for another one but this time he wanted a chocolate cheeses cake with fudge drizzled all over it along with some icecream.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor Off Duty

“Very well Doctor,” Hayley replied with a smile. I may very well tackle it myself. I do love a mystery.” She finished off her last few bites of Shepherd’s Pie. “I will leave you to enjoy your dessert then, I have some reading I’d like to do before I go to bed.” Hayley rose from her chair and gave Trax another of her smiles. “You know where to find me if you want to chat again.”

Jr. Lt. Marshall CMO Off Duty

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