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Posted Feb. 24, 2021, 12:53 p.m. by Lieutenant Miz'uki (Chief Engineer) (Kirt Gartner)

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NE Rockbell’s face fell, “Uhhh no, she has…well To be honest I am a little worried about her captain she has not taken the news all that well about us being so far from home well. She has not come out of her office since the staff meeting, I do get what she is going through though. my Boyfriend NE Mek’tan is posted on the USS John Paul Jones, and he explained to me that Caitians being very family-oriented sometimes have a hard time mentally when they are out of contact range with those they consider family. Beyond their shipmates that is, it’s why you don’t see many Caitians on the deepest exploration missions.” the petite human ensign explained, the name hinting her significant other was in fact a Caitian. “Not to mention, she did just get done having a meeting with Lieutenant Sher’idan. For some reason she always seems VERY uncomfortable around Lieutenant Sher’idan.” NE Rockbell added, brushing some of her long blonde hair out of her face. “In the meantime would you like to see what I am working on with Medical? I am trying to improve replacement prosthetic limbs giving them even more function, more durable, but lighter and…” the Ensign was continuing on, motioning to a table where a Medical NE was also working on what looked like a replacement Arm from the shoulder down.

NE Rockbell

Drudoc took note of this observation by the NE, then nodded. “..Sure show me around..” she genuinely offered in interest.

there were a number of other Engineering JOs milling about working on all sorts of different projects all saying that they had more time to work on these Miz’uki was running Engineering so well that the whole of the Engineering departments staff were able to work on all kinds of projects quite a few were working on ship designs as well noting that Miz’uki had been toying with a few ship designs as well

Engineering Staff

Drudoc nodded to the staff, looking over their projects and now and then offering insight in her own ways to a problem. Satisfied the engineering staff were handling things well Drudoc excused herself and went on her way.

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