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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi’Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) in side sim - xi’Indrai’s Office - Starting Over

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Sharah nodded, took a deep breath, and reminded herself, this wasn’t new, she’d lived like this her whole life. She just had to figure out how to ride above it. “Honestly coun…Dinui, if you can figure out a way to help me where all the other doctors and counselors haven’t…I’m willing to try even if it’s something I’ve done before.” She’d been in the office awhile now. “When do you want me to come back?” Sharah was used to having appointments 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes more depending on how she was doing. It was nothing new, just a new person.
Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Sharah rang the chime, waiting for xi’Indrai to answer. She had come to look forward her biweekly appointments with the counselor. Sharah felt that she was finally making some progress with handling the noise on AA. Of course she was in an amazing mood today and couldn’t wait to tell her all about it.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Come in,” she called at the sound of the chime. Denooy was just rearranging the newest paintings on the shelves. There was a forest with mountain in the background Bob Ross style, though the colors on the trees were more exotic than the kinds that came from Terra or other Humanoid worlds. Not that it mattered. The whole idea of painting was to enjoy the activity and how it turned out to the individual artist. The platter held some croissants both regular buttery flavor and chocolate layered. Turning around to face the doorway her anteni swirled slightly. “Do you want something to drink?” she asked as she nodded to the platter of croissants.

Denooy Zee in Dra, Chief Counselor

Sharah was in an exceptionally good mood that day. “Chocolate!” She practically bounced onto the couch and took a plate and more than one chocolate layered croissant. “Ice cold milk, please.” She looked extremely well rested, which was not a normal state of affairs for Sharah. She had already taken a huge bite out of one of the croissants. She grinned, hurriedly finished the bite. “Sorry Dinui. How are you feeling, today?” (OOC: Not sure how you want to explain her absence? So wasn’t sure if she should say anything or not)
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Denooy smiled softly, “I am doing well thank you for asking.” She flushed cerulean as she added, “They found the issue with the environment controls of my quarters and I haven’t had any further issues with overheating.” She got the glass of ice cold milk for her and a glass for herself. She wasn’t drinking hot chocolate or such yet. Not until her next follow up check in, with the C M O.

Denooy zee In Dra, Chief Counselor

Sharah took the glass with a grin and sipped at it. “If heaven was a food it would be chocolate with ice cold milk. I don’t care what anyone else says.” She sighed with relief. “I’m so glad they did. I’m glad you are feeling better as well. Would it help to drop the temperature in here? I can always bring a blanket.” She looked at the Bonsai on the shelf, “We can always enclose each cube and put temperature controls in there to make the trees comfortable.” She had walked over to look at the shelves and was certain they could do it. “Really it would be no problem and if it stops you from getting sick.” Sharah, would never quite stop thinking like a doctor and with her empathy she had the drive to help others find a solution even when she wasn’t aware she was doing it. And today she was bouncing, she was happy, a state of being she’d struggled with since coming on board.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Denooy shook her head softly, “no I don’t want to change the temperature of the office, I haven’t had problems as of yet, I do appreciate your offer though.” She paused before she added lightly but no less humbly. “If I do need to change the temperature I will inform you and anyone else whom should bade aware. If that time comes I will most likely ask if I can move the bonsai trees to the Arboretum or something.” She looked at her, “I can tell you are doing very well, has anything changed recently?” Denooy asked softly but was very genuinely interested in knowing how Sahara was doing.

Denooy zee In Dra, Chief Counselor

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