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Posted Feb. 25, 2021, 12:02 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Readings came up on the PADD, it showed a mostly normal spatial region physically, however on the more exotic energy spectrums pockets of energy similar to a replicator/transporter/holodeck in nature were popping up now and then

He flipped through the readings with his stylus. “That’s a very strange response,” he muttered. “‘Matches local spatial make up’? What does that mean?” He paced toward the bow of the craft and then toward the aft, reading through the data, before looking up at a nearby engineering NE. “Hey, do you have an extra tricorder?” He held out his hand and looked back to Fayth. “It could be a side effect of however Q brought us here, or a sensor error, but I’ll get to the bottom of it. I’ll keep you updated.”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

NE Davis had been working to get all of the tricorders completed and updated and brought over an arm full and dumped them on a nearby storage tote. “Here, take your pick!” He said as he headed inside and looked over the ship and said, “Has anyone actually looked at the electrical yet?” Davis wasn’t the most pleasant to work with and he ignored the responses and dove into the paneling, pulling apart the station that Tabris was working.

NE Davis

When Davis would check the console he’d find it was related to the sensor platforms on the runabout. And so the energy spike had cascaded through the panel into Tabris.

GM CockRoach

Riley stilled, trying to make sense of the data. His mind jumped back to the translation of the broadcast message he had just heard. He zoomed on the PADD, trying to get an idea of how large these pockets of energy were, and how widespread an area they seemed to appear in. This was remarkable - if someone was mass transporting material for use in mass replication this way, it was an intriguing concept; if this was happening naturally… that was dangerous.

His head snapped toward the shuttle. =^= Computer, does the damage in the shuttle appear to have been caused by something being transported out of it? =^=

Ensign Riley, Science

=/\= Negative, damage appears to be caused due to a sudden overload within the sensor pallet node =/\= It replied.

GM CockRoach

Riley gripped the PADD and sighed. =^= Okay, show me the shape and size of these energy pockets in the local area; and show me how widespread they are. =^=

He set the PADD down and clambered up the maintenance ladder to the damaged sensor pallet to take a look at the damage. He flipped open the tricorder he’d picked up from the pile and scanned the array, as well as the area around the array, trying to see if he could map the region that matched the “local spatial area” matrix so well.

You like figuring things out, Matthew, he thought. That’s why you became a scientist, right? He began humming a slow tune, moving the tricorder to the beat, giving it time to pick up details. He soon realized that maybe In the Hall of the Mountain King wasn’t the best tune for that, but kept humming, but keeping the movements at an even pace, instead of the breakneck speed the tune would reach.

Ensign Riley, Science

A moment later the energy pockets showed up, sure enough a reply of the past half an hour showed a small one had passed through the ship right through Fayth and the runabout in fact a second or so before it exploded as she opened the panel. Other patterns showed up around the ship but in varying degrees of size ranging from a finger nail size pocket like the one Fayth and the runabout had encountered to larger ones almost as big as the ship. Now that he had a mapping parameters he could rely this to the bridge for maneuvering around them if they wanted to avoid them.

GM CockRoach

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