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A moment later the energy pockets showed up, sure enough a reply of the past half an hour showed a small one had passed through the ship right through Fayth and the runabout in fact a second or so before it exploded as she opened the panel. Other patterns showed up around the ship but in varying degrees of size ranging from a finger nail size pocket like the one Fayth and the runabout had encountered to larger ones almost as big as the ship. Now that he had a mapping parameters he could rely this to the bridge for maneuvering around them if they wanted to avoid them.

GM CockRoach

Riley clambered back down the maintenance ladder and retrieved his PADD, reviewing the data. These pockets are everywhere, he mused. Stationary, moving, big, small… what is causing them? Known sources of these energy signatures were all artificial in the Milky Way - but so was boridium, so that didn’t mean much here.

Still reading he walked toward where Fayth and Rainns were discussing the security sensors. He tapped his com badge.

=^= Riley to bridge. I’m sending some sensor data to you, and sensor settings, regarding energy pockets in the local region. We’ll want to avoid them; they can cause damage to our equipment and circuitry, apparently. These settings will help us detect them and map them. =^= He tapped the PADD a few times and then swiped to begin the transfer, then continued reading, now standing beside Fayth and Rainns.

NLt Wilbur spoke up, =/\=..We got your information Ensign. We’re applying them now. =/\= The NLt said.

“Sorry to interrupt, Boss,” he said, not looking up. “I think you’ll want to see this.”

He extended the PADD toward her, then seemed to notice Rainns for the first time. “Oh, sorry Lieutenant,” he said.

  • Ensign Riley, Science

Fayth looked up, “Whatcha got Riley?” She took the PaDD and began to read. She watched the replay, and had a huge sense of relief. It wasn’t her telepathy, it was these energy pockets. She passed the PaDD to Rainns so he could watch it. “That’s what I felt right before the panel exploded.”

She turned to Riley, “You’ve sent this to the bridge.” It wasn’t a question or the fact she could ‘hear’ everything, but a reflection of her confidence in his work. “Let’s run these for the entire time we’ve been in the nebula. Find out where they passed through and have all areas checked for damage or potential surprises. And then we’ll see if we can find out what to do about them.”

Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

It might also occur to Fayth she had ‘thought’ about not breaking the palette and when the anomaly passed through her and it, the result had been the broken palette! Could the anomalies interact with thought? A dangerous prospect if proven true!

GM CockRoach

Joseph had simply been observing the actions of the crew around him, staying out of the way, as science was not his profession. When Sharah handed him the padd, he looked over the scans. “So what are we looking at here?” he asked out loud to nobody in particular, “Are these non-corporeal life forms?”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

Sharah started to answer, but Riley had it, and her mind was racing through the data, quantitative and qualitative. She began pacing back and forth in a small space.

Riley shook his head, then stopped and arched an eyebrow. “No, at least not as we’re familiar with them. These appear to be amorphous pockets of energy. Some are moving, some are just sitting there.” He shrugged. “We’re going to keep doing scans, of course, but this might just be a result of billions more years of galactic evolution than we’re used to - as in changes to the galaxy, not the life therein. We don’t know what kind of stellar cycles might be occurring at this stage of development - but it’s clearly resulting in naturally formed boridium, so energy matrices similar to our transport-based technologies might be another result.”

Riley angled his head toward the ceiling. =^= Computer, using the data recovered, plot the paths of these pockets since our arrival and any other intersections on the ship. Correlate with any system failures or damage. =^=

Several low key reports from the ship’s school departments were noted in the past hour about PADDs acting up and holo-toys breaking and needing repair or replacement. Given their priority no one was probably giving them much thought but looking at the records they did match energy pattern passings.

He extended his hand to Lieutenant Rainns. “May I, sir?”

  • Ensign Riley, Science

If they were just mobile pockets of energy, why did Fayth feel a presence? Rainns was puzzled, he handed the padd back to Riley.

The piece that was missing suddenly occurred to her (see GM hint above). “Riley, have the computer scan for any correlation between these energy patterns and alpha/delta/theta waves.” Which were all brain wave patterns and thought energy. “Computer where is Cpt Andone?” Sharah had a very nervous energy about the theory, well potential theory, that just occurred to her. Everyone better keep their thoughts strictly contained. Already moving in the direction of the computer response. =^=Fayth To Cpt Andone. Ma’am I need to speak with you.=^= She turned to Rainns as she walked, “I think these things might be controlled by thoughts. And to test that is going to be very dangerous.”

Lt. jg Fayth, CSO

Rainns joined Fayth as she walked to the screen. “Is that the presence you think you felt? Some sort of telekinetic power?” He paused for a moment, processing what she had said, “You better not be planning to use yourself as a guinea pig dear.” The comment was half sarcastic, but half serious as well. Joseph was going to be very relunctant to let sign off on Sharah dabbling with unknown psychic creatures.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

“Maybe, in a way it’s telekinetic. But the energy signature read similar to a transporter or replicator. But look,” she pulled up the file showing the pockets moving. She point to the one, small about the size of a finger nail. “Watch, it travels down my neck, you can even see me shutter. That’s what I felt. At the time I was thinking about how nervous I was to be realigning the sensor array. I’ve never done it and I hoped I wouldn’t break it, and then..” on the screen the whole thing explodes. “I remember something, vaguely from warp theory class, about thoughts controlling events. I don’t remember it all. I’ll have to look it up.” She stopped, looked at him, catching up with his thought a moment behind him. “No. Absolutely n…well that’s not a bad idea. I did feel it. Someone else might have. But no I’m not volunteering myself. But if these…” she dropped off pulling up information on warp theory and thoughts, and transferred it to a PaDD. “We need to talk to the captain. If these pockets of energy are controlled by what we think, then we need to be very careful what we think about. The whole crew.”
‘Joseph, this could be how we get home.’

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

=/\= Fleet Captain Andone is in turbolift 1 onroute to the bridge =/\= The computer replied.

A few seconds later Andone’s voice came over the comm =/\= I am currently entering the bridge, Lieutenant. What is it you require? =/\= She asked.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

=^=We ran into some problems down here in the shuttle bay. Could you join us?=^= she wanted Andone to see exactly what had happened. And there was the issue with the security panel.

“Lt.,” she said turning to Rainns, “Why is the security system down? We need to figure out how that happened as well.” She waved Riley over. “Let’s see if any of these energy pockets touched anyone else in the cargo bay.” If it had maybe someone was thinking about sabotage or tampering, or…something to cause these pockets to damage the security grid.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Riley was engrossed in the data on his PADD, so it took a few waves before she got his attention and he approached. “I was just looking at the maps of that,” he responded, showing her the map of paths, with reported damage highlighted. “Let’s tighten back to the shuttle bay…” He zoomed in to see if there were other readings of this energy passing anywhere else through the bay. “This one is yours,” he pointed. “Well, at least the one that passed through you. Let’s see…” He carefully swept around the image of the room on the PADD, looking for other trails.

Ensign Riley, Science

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