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In a swirl of transporter energy Tabris was whisked away to Sickbay 1 a moment later

And a moment later he appeared on a biobed in sickbay 1 ready for treatment

GM CockRoach

Dr. Suder and Tabris materialized in Sickbay at Biobed 1. Immediately NE Nurse Jody stepped up to the bed and started it on running diagnostic routines. As she waited for the readouts she turned to Tabris. “Sir, can you tell me where you are and what day it is?” She asked, checking the patient for alertness and orientation to place and time.

NE Nurse Jody
Sickbay 1

Trax took a moment to get his bearings before helping Nurse Judy with Tabris Medical needs. As he grabbed his trusty tricorder to get further scans of his new patient. “How are you feeling? Sir??” Trax asked Tabris. He started to do other tests to make sure there was no damage from the jolt he was given by the shuttle.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor

Tabris blinked slowly, the world seemed to be wavy and a ever so slight tinge of pale blue. It took him a moment as he blinked and turned his head to the person speaking to him. It looked familiar but he wasn’t able to place it, the color of the metal and the blinking lights made him jump to only one conclusion. “USS Panama, Stardate 8454.1. I suppose I’m under arrest?” He turned to Trax and said, “Sir? What’s this ‘sir’ nonsense, sweet mercy you are all so polite.”

Tabris, Eng

“Tabris? Are you all right? Making note of his comments for later. Your in Sickbay on the Uss Ark Angel.” Trax commended as he went over all the scans again.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor

Scan showed minor electrical burns to Tabris’ right hand, tracking up his arm and across his chest and down his left arm and hand. It appeared the electrical shock entered at his right hand and exited his left. It also indicated a cardiac arrhythmia. Brain scan showed typical post shock disorganization of a type that normally clears on its own within about 30 minutes.

Dr. Suder’s Medical Tricorder

Tabris blinked a couple of times, the shock sent his mind back to an unsolved heist he committed back in 2287. He took a gulp and tried to sit up, mistaking his injuries for restraints he groaned and said, “I don’t know the Ark Angel, police ship I’m guessing?” Tabris knew the Panama was an experimental ship working to implement what were, at the time anyway, were state-of-the-art advancements in phaser and shielding technology. He had a contract with the Gorn Hegemony to sell those secrets, and it made sense that they wouldn’t want to hold him on that vessel.

Tabris, Eng

Trax listened intently to the officer. As he continued to go over the scans. “Tabris. Calm down and relax you are in the main sickbay On the Uss Ark Angel is a mythology class explorer.” Trax was not sure if the man understood or not. “She is a federation starship, not a police interceptor or cruiser.” Trax said calmly. “You had an accident in the shuttle bay and were almost killed by an electrical discharge.” Trax said calmly to the man. “You are safe and there is no need for any concern.” Trax tried to relieve the officer’s fears or concerns hoping that this was not going into a dangerous situation.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor

Tabris managed to look down and he appeared to see a uniform that didn’t match what was worn in the 2280’s, and he had a badge and a yellow collar indicating either Engineering or Security. “Mythology? I don’t know that one.... The Panama is a refit Constitution ship. Is it a sub-class of one of those?” Accident in the shuttle bay, that lined up. He was planning on going through the Panama’s shuttle bay and cargo bays to engineering, and in actuality that’s exactly what he did. Back in 2287 Tabris had snuck his way on board, made his way to deflector control where he accessed the main computers and downloaded the information regarding the prototypes installed and made it back out to the shuttle bay. He was unable to steal anything material but the data was worth plenty enough. He chose a very rarely traversed path and wasn’t caught, and officially the crime was never solved. The Federation didn’t even know anything had been stolen till the Gorn Hegemony revealed the plans to Starfleet and blackmailed them to paying them off, otherwise they would turn the plans over to the Klingon Empire.

Tabris though was convinced he had been caught and his mind started to get fuzzy, shortly thereafter he passed out once more.

Tabris, Eng

Trax continued to care for the patient as he added restraints to the man for his safety so he would not roll out of bed. As he continued to do his scans and treatments. Trax set up alarms just in case he revives. He focused on the patient keeping an eye on the cordial readings along with his heart. “Poor guy!” Trax said calmly as he was still not sure of what to make of the officer. As he moved to the main bio terminal and added all the data into the computer for further study as he took a seat and watched the man quietly as he slept.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor

It was a fair while later that Tabris blinked his eyes open again. He tried to sit up and felt the restraints and twisted his head and saw a familiar face. “Dr. Suder?” Tabris called out, a pounding headache giving way to the burning sensation across the patches of his body that the electricity decided to travel through. “How are we holding up Was the ship attacked? Is everyone ok?” Tabris blinked a few more times as he felt the throbbing turn into a stabbing between his eyes and right behind the ears. It seems whatever had sent his brain back to 2287 had caused him to forget the last 8 hours or so. He remembered waking up, he remembered getting the kids ready to go and telling Mecona over and over that she couldn’t go to school in jammies, then he was strapped to a table. Had it been hours? Had it been weeks?

Tabris, Eng

Trax Stood up from the chair near Tabris as he heard his name called. “Good…Welcome back Tabris! How are you feeling? The restraints we in place just in case so you did not fall off the bed. You were out for several hours. I am glad you are feeling better.” Trax said with a small smile. “Computer disengage restraints on the main biobed.” as a small hum was heard before all was quiet again. As the computer beeped as the request was implemented. “There … Let me help you situp.” Trax said calmly to the officer as he kept on guard just in case. As Trax placed his hand behind the officer as he gave him assistance to a more sitting position. “I can feel some pain, most to all damage was repaired from the accident. But you might have a whopper of a headache for a while. As trax grabbed a hypospray this here will help you with the headache.” Trax said sincerely to the officer. As he grabbed his tricorder and started to update the scans again. “Your scans look good Tabris.” Trax said as he placed the tricorder in his pocket for now. He left the news about the ship for later. He would let the CMO fill him in if she thought all was good to do so. “I will let the CMO talk to you about the ship.” Trax said calmly to him. “Chief our patient is now awake and is more coherent.” Trax said calmly.

Ensign Trax Suder Jo Doctor

Haley stepped over to the Biobed. “Tabris, how are you feeling? Do you remember what happened to you?”

Jr. Lt. Hayley Marshall, CMO

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