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Posted March 1, 2021, 5:06 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


=^=Weir here. Go ahead.=^=

=^=You’re needed in Engineering. The chief wants an update on those hull repairs and a report on the asteroid.=^=

=^=Understood. On my way. Weir out.=^= He smiled sheepishly to the other man. “Sorry to theorize and run, but duty calls. Once I’m done, I’ll borrow a workstation and draft up some modifications, loop you in remotely. I’ll just grab a small sample for analysis and processing…”

—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Genard was able to take in all that Weir had stated. Yeah, the main concern was the unknown factor of the natural over the synthetic.

Working in the shuttle bay was a good idea, but he had another one. Once he was able to isolate the flow matrix, and the simulations showed promise, he would request the use of one of the scientific shuttles to run the test, and do so away from the Ark Angel. If this boridium was as powerful a source of energy as he thought it was, better to sacrifice a shuttle then the whole ship.

With a renewed purpose, he got back to his equations.

It took some time, but Claude found a solution. He ran some tests and results seemed promising. Time to contact Weir.

=/\= “Genard to Weir. Caelian, I got it!” Claude was obviously excited, almost giddy as he spoke. “I have run several simulations and I have a way to refine the natural boridium to a something similar to the synthetic element we have in the Alpha Quadrant. Then we can work with it in a way we are familiar with.” =/\=
=/\= “I’m going to check in with Lieutenant Fayth. Can I meet you down in Engineering?” =/\=

=/\= “Genard to Fayth. Commander, I believe I have a solution to our boridium problem. I want to run it by you and make some suggestions before I go down to Engineering. Are you available?” =/\=

-Lt. Genard

=^=On my way Genard. Fayth out.=^=

5 minutes later Fayth walked into the labs, spotted Genard and walked over. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Lt jg Fayth CSO

“OK…” he began. Genard brought up the charts and simulation results he had been working on. He knew Fayth would want to know the details as much as possible.

“I was working on the properties that was making this natural boridium different from what the synthetic we are used to, when I got a idea. I believe that we can use these natural boridium asteroids to power our impulse drive, or at least our auxiliary reactors. I ran my simulations by Lt. Weir in Engineering, and he said they looked promising if I could find a way to refine the boridium. I believe that I have.” He added with a sense of pride.

“If we infuse the natural boridium with a mixture of chlorine gas and sulfuric acid, the chemical reaction will render the natural boridium to a state similar to the synthetic version that we already know, and have data on. All of these findings have been tested only in computer simulations, and would need to be tested in the field, so to say.”

“With your permission, I would like to request one of our scientific shuttles. I’ll perform the refining process aboard, then test it in the shuttles’ impulse engine. If there is a mishap, we lose only a shuttle instead of causing damage to the Angel. If all works out, then we can make the modification to the Angel, and save our deuterium stockpile.”

-Lt. JG Genard

Fayth listened and watched the simlulation Genard had. But at the mention of the shuttle she shook her head. “Our science runabout was damaged, and we have picked up some strange energy pockets in the nebula. I’ll have to get this approved by the captain first. I’m honestly not sure if it’s safe to test this inside the nebula. But in the mean time get with Weir, if the CE approves, start your preps for the shuttle so you’re ready if Andone approves.”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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