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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Mazhari Allendor (Engineering Officer) in Pre Sim - Meeting and greeting
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Mazi waved her hand as he rose. “No, please, sit. And it’s Mazi. Well, unless the Captain is around and it’s official, then LT works.” She settled into the vacant offered seat and watched him settle back down. I wanted to introduce myself since we’re on the same shift this rotation. I’ve seen the work you’ve done so far. Great job. A couple more of you and we may be able to kick half the lazy folks out of Engineering and run the ship ourselves.” She smiled and took a sip of her drink. At his comment about the view, she sighed. “I guess white noise for the eyes is appropriate. I never thought about it. We’re either at Warp, or we aren’t. I haven’t honestly paid attention either way in a long time except to make a mental note so when things go wrong, I know what I’m getting into.”

She glanced at the PaDD he had been looking at. “You settling in all right? Any issues with other engineers, or your shift or anything?” She wanted to be sure everyone on her shift was as close to ‘happy’ as she could make them because it make spending hours together a bit more bearable day in and day out.


Caelian smiled softly at the compliment. “Thank you, sir. That is, Ms. Mazi. The engineering team is a very capable lot of hard-working folks, and I do my best to keep up.”

“I guess it’s an occupational hazard, knowing whether we’re at warp or not.” He chuckled, nodding towards the viewport. “See, I tend to get rather—ah, ahem—ill when it comes to unobstructed heights. Space, for some reason, is the worst so I tend to avoid it whenever I can. Luckily for me, I can usually tell we’re at warp from the hum of the deck plates.”

He made a dismissive gesture and took another sip of his tea, considering her more pointed questions. “I think I’ve started to settle in well enough, despite my bunkmate’s best efforts. That’s a jest, ma’am. I can’t think of any major issues with the shift, no. And unless you can find a way to make the ODN conduits a little less bright in Jefferies Tube Thirty-Seven Alpha, I can’t complain about the work. Just a matter of getting used to the Ark Angel‘s layout and quirks, but I’ll get it.”

He smiled and leaned back in his chair. This wasn’t the first time he’d run into Mazhari, but at least this time he wasn’t embarassing himself. Or… was he? Ugh, I hope not, he grumbled silently. Especially since we’re going to be working together for a while.

“How do you like things aboard ship, ma’am?” Caelian watched her expression carefully over the lip of his cup as he took measured sip. “There any quirks I need to mind?”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Mazi smiled. “Quirks… well…maybe just the bright lights in Jeffries Tube thirty seven Alpha,” she laughed lightly and relaxed. “Honestly, no I can’t think of anything. Though to be fair, I haven’t been here but a week or so longer than yourself. So haven’t gotten it all down, myself, yet.”

She liked that he had been engineering since he was young. “And as to bunkmates, sadly I don’t have the pull to help you there. But if you do have issues, let me know. I can certainly be persuasive with the Chief if I need to be.” She winked and laughed lightly as her antennae seemed to turn to pay more attention to him as if curious. “I’m the odd female so the next female to check on board that needs to share a room will be my bunk mate. Till then, I won’t lie. I am taking full advantage of the privacy.” She took a sip of her drink.

“So what kinds of things do you like to do when not being blinded while tube crawling? Tried any of the holo programs yet?” She was curious what various ship mates found entertaining and relaxing. Every now and then she discovered something incredible that she hadn’t considered before.


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