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OOC: So someone from security and science needs to play some kind of NE to represent those departments, we also got honor guard security attendance to get played if someone wants. Also chefs and kitchen staff! Also required to attend is the CNS (once she’s back!), CMO and CE!

The XO entered the large, empty room and began walking it, eyeing the space and conjuring visuals in his mind. Two minutes later he was joined by a team of five with operations gold pauldrons on their uniforms.

“What’s going on Commander?” one woman asked.

“Lieutenant Carson, correct?” he asked her, and continued when she nodded. “We will have guests in… ” His eyes swept to a chrono on one wall. “Twenty-six minutes.” He gestured to the window-lined wall. “I want a selection of items currently popular among the crew along the windows.” One ensign began tapping on a PADD. “Appetizers, entrees, desserts, with servers to plate there, or to plate and serve at tables - make sure they expect to do either.” His oxygen-darkened eyes turned to the rest of the room as he sucked air across his breathers.

“I want a primary table set here for four, for the captain, myself, our esteemed guest, and a companion. Arrange other tables across the room. UFP banners on the wall at each end of the hall,” he pointed to the ends of the oval-shaped room.

“Questions?” he asked, and the team shook their heads. “Good. You have twenty-four minutes. I will return in fifteen, because someone decided this was a good time for dress uniforms.” One ensign snickered, and stopped when Rhansi leveled his gaze at him. “You, too,” he smirked. “All commissioned officers in this room are to be in dress uniforms.”

He turned and left, the young lieutenant already giving orders to her team.

When he returned, promptly, fifteen minutes later the tables were already set up and the lieutenant was sampling the first set of dishes. She nodded after tasting one, and staff from the galley laid out serving trays of that item on the table beneath the windows. Another crew from the galley came in just then pushing a new cart.

The Federation were quite diplomatically efficient, he’d give them that.

“Please make sure we have dishes from at least the four founding planets of the Federation,” he added as he approached. “And Romulus. Make sure that your staff are prepared to make extras as we need them,” he told the kitchen crew. “Non-alcoholic beverages available, as well as syntheholic variants of beverages from those worlds.”

Nivor watched the crew continue the setup, and satisfied tapped his combadge. =^= Rhansi to Andone. The Diplomatic Hall will be ready when our guests arrive. =^=

XO Rhansi

=/\= Understood Commander, I’ll be down shortly. =/\= Drudoc said.

Drudoc true to her word 5 minutes later arrived with 5 more minutes to spare before their guests would be beaming aboard. Drudoc looked around at the presentations. “..Good work Commander on such short notice to you and the staff. Given this High Elder One seems to be a high ranking religious and cultural figure in the system we will need to tread carefully on diplomatic protocol on this one. Unless you got any questions I’ll go to transporter room 1 to greet and bring them here with our honor guard. You and the staff shall remain here for final touch ups.” She asked.

Drudoc Andone CO

OOC: If anyone else from science or another department would like to play a science NE here please feel free to do so, but just incase no one does…
NL Farsee entered the diplomatic hall, dressed impeccably in her dress uniform. The young Betazoid woman was almost giddy with excitement. She loved meeting new cultures and learning about their sciences and methods. She approached the Commander, “Is there anything specifically you would like me to do?”
NL Farsee, science

Rhansi could feel the excitement coming off the ensign, and the corners of his mouth twitched around his breathers. He clasped his hands behind his back. “For now, we wait. If there is a science advisor or expert among the… High Elder One’s entourage, I would ask that you liaise with them to ascertain scientific disparities between our cultures.” He paused for a moment. “Especially if there is a way they may know of to get us home.”

Hayley stepped in just a moment or two after NE Farsee. She seemed tense at first but then relaxed as she realized she had arrived in a timely manner. She had taken a few extra minutes in an attempt to obtain a more mature look, not easy for a 20 something who usually looked like she was barely out of her teens. Her long black hair was up in a tidy french twist but a few tendrils still insisted on escaping to frame her fair face. She was tastefully and subtly made up, her freckles not quite as obvious as usual. Her dress uniform was impeccable. All it all it was a fairly good attempt at looking ‘almost’ her age. She followed a bit behind the NE and waited to address the XO.

Jr.Lt. Marshall, CMO

Nivor shifted his focus to Hayley beyond the science ensign. “Doctor Marshall,” he greeted her, nodding his head. He studied her hair for a few moments. “Remarkably well done for the time given,” he commented, then gestured beside him. “We should stand here to greet our guests when they enter, I think,” he said to them both.

There was a pause before he continued. “This is my fourth first contact, and I am still nervous.” He released his hands and rolled his shoulders, flexing his fingers to get blood flowing from where his grip had been too tight.

XO Rhansi

OOC Merging


MIz’uki entered the hall at just about that moment she was wearing the standard dress uniform a white jacket with a white shirt underneath and gold piping around the cuffs had a band with her departmental gold color instead of pants she wore a skirt which also had gold piping down the seams just visible from the bottom of the skirt was the shorts she had on for obvious reasons her legs from the Knees down were covered in a special version of the leg guards she normally wore these were white with gold trim to match the uniform

However, Miz’uki did not look happy in fact she looked absent-minded and distracted she moved to the windows at the front of the room to stare out into space she still was not dealing well with how far away they were from her home and her pride and so the Caitain Engineer just stared out the window while she waited for things to progress


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