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Turning from her chair Drudoc looked at her XO. “..Prepare the diplomatic hall on deck 2, have the kitchen staff assemble a sampling spread of favored dishes on the ship right now.” She said. Then looked to Trainor. “..Begin analysis of those other broadcasts, monitor if anything comes up we could use or clues we could need for getting home.” Then looked to Rainn, “..prepare an honor guard among your staff for their arrival. Despite his words I get the feeling a little pomp and fluff will be in order when this High Elder One arrives..” Looking to Fayth, “..You have permission to proceed with your studies and shuttle experiment with the Boridium while we’re in this meeting report to me any results after we’re done. If you can spare someone or yourself for the meeting I’d appreciate it..” Then tapping her comm badge she opened a comm line to the CMO =/\= Andone to Marshall, we’re having guests arrive in 30 minutes I’d like you or one of your staff there to represent medical.=/\= Then switching channels she did the same to engineering. =/\= Andone to Miz’uki, I want you to join a meeting and first contact we’re having in 30 minutes in the diplomatic hall, have your staff in the meantime continue their work with science on the boridum and a possible means to get us home.=/\= She said.

Drudoc Andone / GM CockRoach

Fayth nodded, getting up from her station to head towards the labs to get the Boridium test going. “Captain, do you want dress uniforms?” she asked before stepping into the turbolift and heading for the labs on deck 13.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

”..Yes, good idea Lieutenant! Dress uniforms for all those attending the coming meeting.” Drudoc replied.

Drudoc Andone CO

Nivor nodded and rose, tapping his combadge on the way to the turbolift. =^= Rhansi to Diplomatic Services. Please have a team meet me in the Diplomatic Hall on deck 2. =^= He entered the lift and turned to face the closing doors.

=^= Your best and fastest, =^= he added just before the doors closed.

XO Rhansi

A few minutes before the appointed arrival time Andone’s combadge chimed. =^= Rhansi to Andone. The Diplomatic Hall will be ready when our guests arrive. =^=

XO Rhansi (crosspost)

=/\= Understood Commander, I’ll be down shortly. =/\= Drudoc said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Trainor began analyzing the comm traffic and prioritized finding the meaning behind the Void, as that would give a more descriptive idea of where they were at the moment. He didn’t sense any hostilities at the moment, but was surprised that they were expecting the AA.

Trainor Ops

Trainior’s analysis would take a little bit to fully compile. The computer beeped at him notifying it was working.

With everyone running around the bridge Rainns took a few moments to process what was happening before directing his attention to the Captain. “Captain, request permission to remain on the bridge during the meeting, just to keep an eye on the ship’s well-being and safety.” He asked. While his question was genuine, he also hated formalities, and would not mind an opportunity to sidestep wearing his dress uniform.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns-COS

Drudoc turned fully in the chair to face the chief of security. “..Granted, so long as you got someone to lead the honor guard and man proper protocol at the meeting for security attentions..” She said.

Drudoc then rose from her chair after Rainn’s would reply, “..You got the bridge then Lieutenant Rainns, I’m going to get ready for our meeting.” She said.

Meanwhile Trainor’s console beeped again, showing the computer had a listing of possible name responses for Void. One was it was the region of space they were in, two was it was some kind of religious significance of an object like the Bajoran Orbs were, or three it was in reference to some kind of deity figure.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Mazi came up to the bridge then and relieved the NE at the engineering station. She listened to the last couple exchanges and made sure her computer was showing the latest information about the Angel and her status. She then settled in with hopes to help in this crisis. Weir had taken off on a mission that had made her smile with his enthusiasm. The hole in the hull had been repaired, albeit temporarily. And the shift supervisor had asked her to relieve NE Branches to allow the man to return to engineering and help with the repairs there.

Lt JG Mazi Allendor Engineer

OOC: Mazi got called to the shuttlebay for a field trip, I guess you missed that :) So she could ‘hear it’ and get moving there

GM CockRoach

Rainns nodded to the Captain as she left. He stayed at his station for a few more moments before summoning an NE to monitor the tactical and security systems and sending a detail to the Diplomatic Hall. He then turned and looked at the chair in the center of the bridge, he had never been left in charge of it before, and walked up to the chair. Despite the suspicious circumstances he found himself in, he wanted to savor this moment. Turning his attention to the viewscreen, he sat down, allowing a brief wave of satisfaction to move through him. “Ensign Ford, keep your eye on tactical,” The Chief told the NE manning security, “If anything so much as moves out there, I want to know.”

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns-COS

Trainor looked over the readings he finally received and looked over at Lieutenant Rainns. “The computer found a few meanings behind the Void.” He announced as he went back to glancing over the results.

“These people are definitely the spiritual type, comparable to the Betazoids.” Tenzing said. The Operations Officer hoped they didn’t have any telepathic abilities, but wasn’t able to prove or deny that yet. “The computer also found reference to its region of space and some deity god-like figure.” Trainor figured it wasn’t like the void that Voyager found itself in a few decades ago, but the god-like figure had him curious.

Getting a nod from their pilot that the preflight sequences were done and they were ready to go, she pressed the ship’s communication console. =^= Fulcrum to Ark Angel. This is Lt Fayth. Requesting permission to disembark.=^=
Lt jg Fayth, CSO


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