Pre-Sim - Science Labs: Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’

Posted April 12, 2021, 1:50 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nivor Rhansi (Executive Officer) in Pre-Sim - Science Labs: Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’
Science was probably Rhansi’s second favorite department after engineering. He had often partnered with the science departments on board the Piri Reis and the Montgomery as parts of various missions, and found there was often an overlap in interests. He only hoped he would get along as well with this department on the Ark Angel.

The double doors to Astrometrics Lab 1 swished open, and a couple of people looked up and then went back to their work. A blind human lifted his head and watched him for a moment. “May I help you… Commander?” he asked, straightening as he saw the pips.

Nivor took a moment to look around as he entered the lab proper, pursing his lips at the various equipment. “Yes,” he said finally, facing the ensign. “I’m looking for Lieutenant Fayth?”

The blond pointed to the stairs and the glassed-in office to one side. “The Boss should be in her office,” he responded, then went back to studying the data in front of him. Rhansi withheld a smile as he walked away. He climbed the stairs and pressed the door chime to alert the occupant of his presence.

XO Rhansi

Fayth wasn’t quite in her office. That’s where she’d thought she would be, but instead she was running around from lab to lab. Reviewing results, assisting with tests, checking numbers, and checking on the mental well being of her staff. That last she could do easily from anywhere on the ship, but it wasn’t personable. Her gift would allow her to know anything and everything about her staff, but they deserved the respect of her learning about them, rather than knowing. It was the one part of her job that she both loved and hated. She genuinely liked everyone on her staff, but the the social enteraction was too much most days. But she was familiar with the rhythm of each shift now and though the noise may still be painful at least she knew how to ride out the waves. But the sudden tension all across deck 13 and 14 stopped her dead in her tracks as every person’s awareness went up at the presence of the new XO.

This was not a meeting to which Sharah was looking forward. On her short time on Ark Angel this would be XO number 4. The last two had decided she was broken and needed fixing. It was a concept that Sharah was familiar with, but one that made her job and her life infinatly harder. So while struggling to rise above the stressed waves now crashing around her two decks, Fayth made her way towards her office and the new XO who was waiting there. Whatever thoughts might be coming from him she allowed to get lost in the ocean of telepathic noise around her. Jumping to conclusion never hurt anyone. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ and she grinned slightly to herself. She came around a bend and there was Lt Cmdr Rhansi. “Good afternoon Cmdr. What can I do for you?” Sharah pressed the control and the door to the office opened and she stepped in, setting her PaDDs on the desk and moving toward the replicator. “I haven’t eaten yet, would you like something?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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