Would You do Anything for Me?

Posted April 13, 2021, 5:11 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Sharah could not remember the last time she’d been in a lab and worked. Actually she could, on the Fulcrum. What she could not remember was the last time she went to the arboretum. There just wasn’t time and she couldn’t justify it. She was trying to find 2 new lab heads after loosing both Riley and Genard. It was a hard blow for the department. There was no end of talented scientists in the departments, but not everyone was a good lead. She also had all the data to comb through that they’d collected from the various people they’d encountered.

Sharah blinked as she flinched, she’d actually pulled a strand of her hair out this time. She stared down at her hand that was tugging, pulling, and twirling her hair in painful agitation. She put her hands down and tried to focus on the next report. The pain, the noise, was worse. Or maybe it was just her ability to cope with it? Joseph was a haven but by the time they were off shift, the lack of input was a blessing but the residual pain just didn’t stop. The crew was stressed, justifiably, but then there were the alien minds which were…different, not all in a bad way, but they agitated her sea and there was just no controlling it. She also considered there might be something with the composition of this sector of space, but there was no way to test that. She looked up again and sighed, she’d read the same report 3 times now and still had no idea what it said, and she had started rubbing her temples again. She caught a glace of herself in the window of her office, she looked awful, dark circles under her eyes, pale, and she even looked a bit clammy. If she was her own patient she’d take herself off duty. She slept, between Joseph, the alpha wave inducer and the delta waves, but not much. Something on the screen caught her attention. She smiled slightly an idea forming. She confirmed it all, confirmed permission for it…

Sharah took the stairs from her office, at the end of her shift, down to deck 14 and the security office. It wasn’t odd to find her there at the end of her shift, most of the crew knew about them, but they made it a point to be professional during duty hours. She walked up to his office, and he was off duty, but she could feel he was just as mired in reports as she was. She could have walked in, but instead she pressed the chime and waited, wringing her hands quietly in front of her. She’d even be willing to make a deal with a beast for this.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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