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Posted April 14, 2021, 8:35 p.m. by Ensign Trax Elbrun Suder (Medical Officer) (David Robinson Jr)

Trax moved to medical two to do his final chores there then return back to main medical to do odd chores or lab work along with dealing with the occasional odd patient civilian and or officers that need to be tended. It did keep him busy and for a bit, he did forget about his troubles. It was a nice change of pace but sooner or later his time would end and have to retire for the night and get dinner and bedtime which he almost began to dread because of the unknown future he was going to have to face.

He focused on the lab duties this time around the growing experiments and other cultures along with some new types of scarlet moss that he had in the incubators to help them grow. He was glad the crop was doing well. as he checked them over then continued on cleaning up the lab so he could be ready for anyone to arrive. As he made his way out of the lab he saw Nurse Hulahan finishing off her chores. as she came up to him. “Good afternoon doctor How is your day going?” She asked with sincerity and compassion knowing full well it was not easy for him with all that was going on lately.

I am doing ok Nurse Hulahan The extra work has made me forget about my troubles a bit especially that were still out in the middle of an unknown space and there is nothing I can do to bring my family back to me or love. He said with a tired look on his face.

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