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After everyone had arrived Sharah stepped on board the Fulcrum and closed the hatch. She stepped up to the cockpit feeling very strange to be in charge of this outing. She took a deep breath and pushed her nervousness out. There was enough noise and waves without her adding to it. And the ship was becoming distracting with everything else. And if they were going back to the nebula she was going to have to be very careful. Getting a nod from their pilot that the preflight sequences were done and they were ready to go, she pressed the ship’s communication console. =^= Fulcrum to Ark Angel. This is Lt Fayth. Requesting permission to disembark.=^=

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

After a moment a reply came back =^= Ark Angel to Fulcrum, permission granted.=^= In her head, Sharah would feel Joseph’s thought attached to the reply ‘stay safe’.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

=^=Thank you Ark Angel, Fulcrum out.=^= In turn he would hear her answering reply, ‘I will. Enjoy the Big the Chair.’ Sharah nodded to the pilot and soon the shuttle was steering away at impulse speeds to get a fair amount of distance from the Ark Angel, just in case.

Caelian was glad that his seat at the engineering station was far enough from the viewports. The moment they were clear of the Ark Angel, he started a diagnostic cycle on the modified systems. So far, so good, he noted cheerily. As a precaution, however, he drew the tricorder from his hip and set it where he could watch both it and the runabout’s monitors.

She turned to Weir and Asam and Allendor when the shuttle came to a stop. “Alright let’s see what you came up with Weir.” Sharah moved from the small bride area and further into the runabout to where the new engine had been set up. She checked the chemical conversion that Genard had set up to make sure the Boridium was processed correctly. After that it was all the engineers.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

With the runabout in place back near the nebula not so far away the tests could be safely performed at their leisure. Trying a simple power supply test conversion would probably be the best first one to go with.

GM CockRoach

Tabris had been working quietly after the accident. The kid’s were ok and he checked out regrading the medical issues. There was nothing that would be a long term problem although he was left sore and periodically he had a slight tingle down his arms but beyond that he was fine. He had been working on making sure everything was hooked up correctly and that there hopefully wouldn’t be any problems with power supply or data connections.

Tabris, Eng

“Aye, sir. Bringing modifications online now.” His hands danced across the console, eyes alert for the responses. “Primary and secondary containment systems are holding. Intermix pressure is fifteen hundred kilopascals, nice and steady. All systems operating within expected tolerances, no deviation. Releasing interlocks and switching main drive to stand-by mode.”

The lights in the cabin dimmed only briefly as the runabout’s power systems effectively changed hands. Caelian watched both the ship’s readouts and his tricorder for a hard moment before nodding. “It looks like we’re ready, Lieutenant. You should have impulse power at your command. Once we’re ready, I’ll start scanning for energy pockets.”

After a moment of thought, he tapped a few keys and modified the deflectors as he had aboard the Ark Angel. While the runabout’s modifications operated on the same principle as the larger ship’s, the smaller system would be a touch more fragile and thus require closer attention. Being stranded in a duranium box was not his idea of a fun time. Let’s hope these energy pockets are nice and docile.
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—
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Fayth nodded and turned to the pilot. “Let’s just experiment outside the nebula for now. En Asam and I have seen first hand what exactly those pockets can do, so let’s test the engine before we head back in.” If something went sideways, she didn’t want someone to think ‘hope it doesn’t blow up next’ and then the shuttle explode. “Nice and steady, take her through the impulse paces.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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