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Posted April 19, 2021, 9:38 a.m. by Lieutenant Commander Nivor Rhansi (Executive Officer) (Nathan Miller)


That non-humanoid species were the exception in their own galaxy was common knowledge, though some were present; the Shelliak were the first that came to Nivor’s mind. He had already wondered if that would hold true here, but it still did not quite prepare him for… a living slime. I can readily see the uses for an amorphous body type though, he thought as he extended his hand toward the closest appendage.

“Greetings, Elder One,” he echoed the science officer’s statement, nodding his head.

XO Rhansi

”..So you are the second in command of such a large vessel. I can only imagine the amount of paperwork you must go through regularly!” The Elder One said with a chuckle which rippled through its body.

Nivor turned and extended his hand toward the table arrayed with food. “We have set up a variety of foods from across the Federation, and some outside worlds,” he told the Elder One. “Any of our attendants will be able to answer any questions about the foods you may have; please, try anything you’d like to.”

Turning to his attendant, the Elder One said, “..See to their offerings are first safe for us to consume if you would please Attendant.” He said.

The attendant nodded moving forward with a small metal probe like scanner waving it over the food one by one in passing.

He held back as their guest approached the table, sliding and jiggling along, “head” appendage moving this way and that as he inspected the food stuffs.

“Do you have any experiences with non-humanoids?” he asked the senior staff arranged beside him. He looked from Miz’uki to Farsee to Hayley. “Insight from the medical team would be delightful,” he said to the latter.

XO Rhansi

“Unfortunately not, Commander,” Hayley replied, “I have some theoretical knowledge of course but I would hesitate to apply that knowledge to an as of yet unknown people. What we know of seeming similar species might not apply and we could wind up being unknowingly offensive or insulting. I think we might be better to ask for then assume the answers to our questions.”

Jr. Lt. Hayley Marshall, CMO

Farsee nodded, “With the Xindi, but only briefly. I had the chance to visit one of their home worlds on a previous posting, but they are completely unlike the Elder One.”

The Attendant spoke up indicating one of the chilled dishes for desserts. “..This cold dish might cause some indigestion for us Elder One but otherwise all the dishes should be fine for consumption.” It said.

Nodding the Elder one sloshed forward taking a plate with one jelly like appendage and was soon being served by the dining staff samples of the rest of the food on offer.

Drudoc behind the group gave a sigh of relief, she had been a bit worried how the Elder and his Attendant would take food but it was good to see they wouldn’t have much concern. Turning to her staff, “..Well dig in as it were folks, lets learn what we can about our guests and the area were in.” She advised.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Farsee waited politely for her turn to ‘dig in’ as the captain suggested and took a seat near the Attendant, hoping to ask about the device and why the cold desert would be upsetting to their digestion. The more information they had about the Elder One and their species the more accomodating they could be to their guest. It was also a fascinating subject to her. Farsee was a general scientist but exobiology was always a fascinating subject. She refrained from speaking though until she observed how the Elder One and its Attendant approached the meal. She did not want to be the one to offend them.

NL Farsee

Miz’uki kept to herself mostly however she had politely nodded when introduced to the Elder one She knew her own species could be quite jarring to meet Not to mention she was still obviously stuck in her own musings like primarily how to get their ship home as quickly as possible and how to get back at that monster Q


The Elder One thankfully used utensils as the other organic folks did, probably so not to offend his hosts from how he might normally eat. The Attendant meanwhile stood back off to the side likely ready to attend to any requests or needs the Elder One might bring up. Drudoc meanwhile sat down to eat her own food. She hoped her crew would get over their shyness of their strange visitors to ask questions soon. There was so much to inquire about for sure she figured, but she could only think of a few things off hand. She hoped her staff and their representatives would pick up what she might miss once a lull appropriate for questions came up.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Farsee finished a taste in her food, politely wiped her mouth with a napkin and sipped her drink. “Elder one, if I may ask, what about the cold dish was bothersome? We are at our core explorers, scientists, gatherers of information. I freely admit I am excited to learn as much as you are willing to share about your people.”
NL Farsee

Excellent opening, Farsee, Rhansi thought, sipping a fruit juice. He eyed the attendant standing off to one side and furrowed his brow, wondering if they should offer to include him - but that could be considered rude, potentially, to the Elder One. He refocused his attention back on the Elder One for his response to the question.

XO Rhansi

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