Meeting the captain

Posted April 19, 2021, 5:52 p.m. by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Meeting the captain

Posted by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) in Meeting the captain
Serenity was excited to be ona ship finly. She had only just gotten to her quarter’s and got her pet cat Luna settled befor she relaxed she needed to check in with the captain. She quickly left her quarter’s to head ther not even noticing Luna had flowed her. Serenity new the cat was prone to misjiff and was usuly more careful to make shure the cat did not follow her.

She walked throw the halls and took several wrong turns befor finly making it to the captens office. She took a deep breath and rang the chime. She was still totally unaware of the Black cat siting next to her.

Ensign Serenity

OOC: Christina I’m going to suggest if you can do so you try to spell check/proof your posts in say google docs or something similar. I’m not the most nitpicky sort on people’s posts but the errors above did make this hard to read at first go around. If you need help or would like other suggestions please let me know.

OOC: Sorry was a little excited when I posted this I’ll try to be more careful in the future.

As Serenity would come onto the bridge, NE Valen spoke up, “..Uh ma’am? You got a cat following you.” He said pointing out the cat as she waited by the Captain’s ready room door.

” a cat?” Serenity said confused. She blinked looking around. ” Luna! Your not sapose to be here. Your going to get…” Then trailed off realizing she could would not have time to take the cat home and come back.

While this got pointed out to her from inside the ready room a crisp female voice came forth through the commlink =/\= Enter! =/\= she said.

Drudoc Andone CO

” Well there gose making a good impression.” She said scoping the cat up and thanking the Vulcan who had pointed the little trouble maker out befor entering the captain’s Ready room. ” Good Morning Captain, I’m Ensign Serenity. I do apologize my cat decided to follow me and I did not notice her until another officer pointed her out. If you don’t mind me coming back I can return her to my qurters now.” Serenity said and waghted patiently for the captain to respond.

Luna was not so patient. She looked the captain and mowed as if she was demanding a helo. Serenity’s face turned bright red with embarrassment. I can’t go anywhere with you She thought.
Ensign Serenity

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