Pre-Sim - Science Labs: Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’

Posted April 19, 2021, 7:41 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nivor Rhansi (Executive Officer) in Pre-Sim - Science Labs: Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in Pre-Sim - Science Labs: Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’

Posted by Lieutenant Commander Nivor Rhansi (Executive Officer) in Pre-Sim - Science Labs: Scientific Progress Goes ‘Boink’


Nivor turned as she greeted him, swept up by her energy as she walked past him and then into her office. He liked energy, especially in a department such as science. He followed her into the office, taking in the layout. He pulled air across his breathers and noticed it was somewhat sweeter than the normal catalyzed mixture - Perhaps a result of the array of plants she kept? he wondered briefly, eyes resting on the possible culprits for a moment.

Fayth noticed his eyes moving towards the small flower bed. “Do they bother you? I can put a force field around it if you have allergies.” Always the doctor. She didn’t remember from her time at Star Fleet medical anything about Barzan’s being allergic to flora, but every individual was unique. Rhansi would also notice that Sharah didn’t really pay attention to his breathers. One might surmise that she picked up on his self consciousness because of her telepathy, but in reality she was used to them after her residencies at Star Fleet Medical. Being attached to Star Fleet Command on Earth there was an extensive range of species she had had the pleasure to serve.

Nivor waved his hand. “No, not at all. It makes…” he paused, considering how best to answer the question, then shrugged. “It makes the air taste different.” He pointed to his breathers. “Probably just something in their pollen or another gas they excrete. It is not unpleasant,” he assured her.

Fayth considered his description and nodded after taking in a deep breath. “I suppose it does. I never thought about it, but I do enjoy the softness of natural air.”

“Ah, no, thank you,” he responded to her second question with a light shake of his head, folding his hands behind his back. “I was just coming around to meet everyone. I’m Nivor Rhansi, the new first officer. You are Lieutenant Fayth? Or do you prefer Doctor Fayth?”

XO Rhansi

Fayth nodded and ordered a glass of water and sipped it slowly. It was almost the end of her normal shift and she and Joseph had plans for dinner, so she had no problem waiting. At his question she shrugged slightly. It was still a point of disappointment for her. “It’s a pleasure Commander. Lieutenant is fine. I’m not a doctor in this capacity. My doctoral expertise is in medicine not sciences. Though I suppose the argument could be made that medicine is a science.” She motioned to a chair, offering it, but not sure he would want to sit. “What can I show you? Or answer for you?” Fayth was always happy to show off the labs. The staff did amazing work and she was very proud of them, thought she didn’t feel she had any claim to their success. They were all very good at what they did. She was currently in the process of finding replacements for Riley and Gendard. She really hated she lost them, but on to better opportunities.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“You took the words from my mouth,” he responded as he sat. “It is the preeminent biological science, is it not?”

He crossed one leg over the other, tugging down on the uniform top. “I’d like a tour, shortly,” he continued. “But first I’d like to find out what I can do to help you keep the Ark Angel science team running at their best.”

XO Rhansi

Fayth nodded, “I suppose it is.” Medicine would always be her first passion. She loved helping people, she couldn’t stand to feel someone sick or in pain, but she was doing just as much good here in science, just in a different way. Fayth was quiet a moment, never one to rush to a decision or reply. What did the department need? “Lt Cmdr Trainor makes sure we are well stocked and his department is always quick to help us get the materials that are stored. I’m happy to say that Dr Marshall and Lt Miz’uki and myself are fortunate to have departments that work well together when necessary. I guess, really what we need is to replace our two lab heads that left us. And I would like to change us to a four shift rotation, temporarily. With our sudden trip across the universe I would like to give my staff more down time so they can have the opportunity to see the counselor or engage in any self care or recreation they need to help cope with the situation. It will also make sure they are well rested for whatever we might encounter.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Nivor nodded. “Good thoughts. Make the necessary changes for the shift rotation switch,” he said. “And we can do a personnel review to replace your lab leads, certainly.”

This was an idea that she’d been talking with to the whole department and specifically working on already with the lab leads. Sharah was never one to leave things to the last minute and although a four shift rotation sounded good in theory, she had wanted to make sure the labs could be manned sufficiently with such a schedule change, before proposing it. So at this point it was only a matter of posting the new schedule. Personnel reviews would take longer. “Thank you Cmdr.”

“I’m glad you have mentioned getting along well with your colleagues,” he said, segueing. He cocked his head to one side. “Any insight you could give me on any of them?”

XO Rhansi

Sharah was a mostly transparent person. She was very good a pushing on through the noise, pain, headaches, distractions, etc., but that didn’t mean it didn’t show on her face. His question surprised her. Why would he ask her that? Did he expect her to have a better insight than say, the counselor, into the staff because of what she was? Was he looking to see if she was trustworthy? It wouldn’t be the first time someone had accused her of being a risk and testing her loyalty to Star Fleet and the crew. Under less spur of the moment circumstances, Sharah might have asked Joseph about it. She could attempt to use her telepathy to determine how genuine the question was, but she wasn’t like that. She might be unable to stop herself from ‘hearing’ the thoughts but that didn’t mean she had to ‘listen.’ And for a telepath of Shara’s capabilities it was very significant distinction. She sipped her water contemplating her answer.

“Lt Cmdr Trainor is quick to respond whenever the services of his department are needed. So far that has not been a single thing that he can’t find at a moments notice, at least for my department. He was fantastic in helping the civilian scientists in setting up the hydroponics bay. Other than senior staff meetings though I haven’t had the opportunity to work with him much. Lt Miz’uki and I haven’t really worked together yet. But she is quick to send an engineer when we need one and equally quick to request a science officer when the need arises. Lt zi’Indrai is very good at her job. I find her thoughtful and never quick to jump to conclusions.” Saying more about zi’Indrai would be divulging information about her own sessions and she was neither inclined nor required to do more. She’d worked at length with Lt Marshall. As a doctor Sharah had strong opinions about medical staff in a general sense. But she considered Hayley her friend and felt that any assessment would be skewed. She also felt it best to leave off another officer other than the Chief of Security. Should Rhansi ask specifically about them she would answer, and maybe not providing information was equally bad. In the end she opted for honesty. “As for Lt Marshall and Lt Rainns, any insight I could provide about them would be terribly skewed.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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