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Posted April 22, 2021, 8:18 a.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


The Elder one’s body shifted, the two ‘eyes’ shifting from the ‘front’ of his facial structure near Captain Andone to regard the NL Farsee. “..The world where my people originated from was quite warm and moist. Cold of any temperatures colder then 50F by your system would cause our bodies to ‘stiffen’ or ‘freeze up’. The NE in your transportation room commented that the chemical process would be similar to freezing some type of food called ‘jello’..” He said.

Excellent opening, Farsee, Rhansi thought, sipping a fruit juice. He eyed the attendant standing off to one side and furrowed his brow, wondering if they should offer to include him - but that could be considered rude, potentially, to the Elder One. He refocused his attention back on the Elder One for his response to the question.

XO Rhansi

Pausing, the Elder one then continued, “..My race as you are probably wondering are called, Ovaliens. This system is one of our major trade hubs in this sector..” He went on. “..Your Captain inquired about the status of my religious standing. In that I am what some refer to as a Wise One. Or Elder One, as I prefer. my original name is not for any to hear, for such would would ruin my connection to the higher callings of the Abyss about us.” he explained.

Farsee nodded, “May I also inquire as to any other special environmental needs you and your people might have? In the event that we should meet more of your people we would like to be able welcome them safely. Also how far have you explored? Would you be willing to share information about the systems you have knowledge of?” Farsee was obviously very excited to learn about the Elder One and it’s people and knowledge. Hopefully her enthusiasm was seen for what it was, curiosity and a willingness to learn.

”..The cold is our enemy so to speak. Beyond this my race is quite used to various environments most other mammalians use..” He said.

At the request for sharing of information there was a pause and the visible passing of a trio of bubbles from the middle of the Elder One’s body up to the top leaving out a little squeak. “..Ah my pardons.” He said. “..As for the sharing of information that is something I will consider based on the favorable outcome of this meeting, so far I must say I am quite pleased.” He said.

Drudoc meanwhile took another pause after this exchange to voice her own thoughts and queries. “..Elder One, you said before no one claims this system, yet you just now mentioned your people use it as a major trade hub. Which is it?” Drudoc inquired.

The Elder Ones eyes shifted again across the top of its jello slime like body to regard Andone. “..I meant my good Captain that no one ‘leader’ controls the system. My race believes no one can control the stars, or systems about us. This region as I mentioned to you earlier is known as the Great Abyss, which at times speaks to ones such as I of enlightenment, news, information, or other generalities..” He explained.

Drudoc considered her words, then spoke, “..So your belief system is only among your own race? Or does it extend to anyone who converts and believes?” She inquired.

A bubble of a ‘smile’ creased the top half of the Elder One’s body below its eyes. “..A common question my good Captain. My beliefs are among any who follow the faith of the Great Abyss. But it is only through I and a select handful of others of my own race to which the Great Abyss will speak to relay its blessings and gifts upon our followers..” he said.

Drudoc sat back considering this information, to her it did little to help them get home, or find out much more to this sector. She looked to her staff to see if anyone had anything else to yet add before she would speak up again.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

“Elder One, perhaps you could tell us. When we arrived, our ship’s sensors told us that the nearby nebula is filled with a compound we call Boridium. We use it to run some of our systems. Who would we speak to about obtaining some of the mineral?” They didn’t want to take what belonged to someone else. What concerned Farsee though was this reference to the Abyss and it speaking to the Elder One. Could he be referencing the energy bubbles, the ones Lt Fayth discovered responded to thoughts. She wanted to ask, but the Elder One said only a member of his species could speak to the Abyss. She did not want to cause a diplomatic incident by committing a sacrilege.

Did that mean they were telepathic and could Lt Fayth and the runabout crew be in danger if they were discovered to be investigating these things? Farsee was Betazoid and telepathic but she had no idea who in the room she could communicate with, or even if she should, to let wiser heads decide if the question should be asked or not.

NL Farsee

Another pause by the Elder One passed, as the recent bite of meat was slowly seen to distigrate into his body’s mass. “..The nebula you speak of is called The Farseer’s Touch. For the compound you call Boridium is known as a major source of power and trade by those who use it for such. For my own race personally we use it in small quantities mixed with some chemicals as a means of medicinal purposes.” He explained. “..So long as you do not strip the nebula of overt amounts of such mineral you will not have a problem with my race, nor most others who use it for resupply.” He went on.

Turning to regard the XO and Drudoc, the Elder One then inquired. “..Tell me Captain or Commander, how is it you came by your own words to this far off region? You mentioned Captain you came from another galaxy, but not how you arrived. While the Abyss has spoken to me of your arrival it has not related to me much of how you came to be here, only that you ‘came’..” He said.

Drudoc looked to her XO, “..Commander if you prefer to handle this feel free. I will comment where needed.” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO / GM CockRoach

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