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Posted April 25, 2021, 1:49 p.m. by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) (Christina Crafford)

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A bubble of a ‘smile’ creased the top half of the Elder One’s body below its eyes. “..A common question my good Captain. My beliefs are among any who follow the faith of the Great Abyss. But it is only through I and a select handful of others of my own race to which the Great Abyss will speak to relay its blessings and gifts upon our followers..” he said.

Drudoc sat back considering this information, to her it did little to help them get home, or find out much more to this sector. She looked to her staff to see if anyone had anything else to yet add before she would speak up again.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

“Elder One, perhaps you could tell us. When we arrived, our ship’s sensors told us that the nearby nebula is filled with a compound we call Boridium. We use it to run some of our systems. Who would we speak to about obtaining some of the mineral?” They didn’t want to take what belonged to someone else. What concerned Farsee though was this reference to the Abyss and it speaking to the Elder One. Could he be referencing the energy bubbles, the ones Lt Fayth discovered responded to thoughts. She wanted to ask, but the Elder One said only a member of his species could speak to the Abyss. She did not want to cause a diplomatic incident by committing a sacrilege.

Did that mean they were telepathic and could Lt Fayth and the runabout crew be in danger if they were discovered to be investigating these things? Farsee was Betazoid and telepathic but she had no idea who in the room she could communicate with, or even if she should, to let wiser heads decide if the question should be asked or not.

NL Farsee

Another pause by the Elder One passed, as the recent bite of meat was slowly seen to distigrate into his body’s mass. “..The nebula you speak of is called The Farseer’s Touch. For the compound you call Boridium is known as a major source of power and trade by those who use it for such. For my own race personally we use it in small quantities mixed with some chemicals as a means of medicinal purposes.” He explained. “..So long as you do not strip the nebula of overt amounts of such mineral you will not have a problem with my race, nor most others who use it for resupply.” He went on.

Turning to regard the XO and Drudoc, the Elder One then inquired. “..Tell me Captain or Commander, how is it you came by your own words to this far off region? You mentioned Captain you came from another galaxy, but not how you arrived. While the Abyss has spoken to me of your arrival it has not related to me much of how you came to be here, only that you ‘came’..” He said.

Drudoc looked to her XO, “..Commander if you prefer to handle this feel free. I will comment where needed.” She said.

Drudoc Andone CO / GM CockRoach

Rhansi nodded and turned to the Elder One. “Far off… might be an understatement. Your galaxy is the farthest observable object from our home - so far away we gave it a designation based on its location in the sky and its redshift. We, normally, have no way of approaching even the nearest galaxy, let alone yours.” He sighed, shaking his head. “But… we were sent here, in an instant, to test our ability to handle - ‘certain extremes’, I think he said? - by a very powerful being from our galaxy. We assumed he was from our galaxy.” He gestured about with one hand. “Sending us here well… maybe we thought too small.”

He moved food about on his plate, feeling the air pass his breathers for a moment. “Others in our Federation have had dealings with him before. It is sometimes hard to determine if he is simply mischievous, or malevolent.” He looked back to Andone. “I think that is a good summary?”

XO Rhansi

The Elder One seemed to consider the XO’s words. “..Among my faithful there is a belief that the further one goes in their travels the greater they reach to touch the Abyssal Plane. Were you Seekers looking for the truth among the faithful you would be seen as truly enlightened for your sphere of travel logs..” He said.

Drudoc spoke, “..The being we speak of we call The Q, a omnipotent race collectively called the Q Continuum. They appear often as mortal forms like us when we had dealings with them, and can cause things to happen at a snap of their fingers or other similar gestures. Have you or anyone else ever encountered such similar beings?” She inquired.

The Elder One paused again considering, “..I am afraid not, Captain. Beings like you describe would be like Gods among mortals in this region, were such evident there is little doubt I would not be aware of it’s happening.” He said finishing off the last of the meal.

Drudoc nodded considering then, “..I know such a coming question is a long shot as it were, but do any of the races around this region possess means of travel far faster then usual speeds of FTL? Perhaps in journeying across vast distances? Not extra-galactic but still further than anyone else.” She inquired.

”…I am sorry to be the bearer of lacking such news to you Captain. But no, no races possess anything beyond what you described to me as your ‘warp drive’. Most FTL travel is of a similar structure some races slower others on par with what you showed me earlier.” The Elder One replied.

Drudoc nodded her understanding, it would seem their efforts to find a way home would need to continue. She fell quiet letting others among the dinner speak then.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

Serenity was late to arrive to the dinner. She had been asked to be there as a security representative last minute. Witch did not help matters and then got lost several times looking for the Diplomatic hall. The idea of being in a room with the higher ups of the ship was not exactly compelling to her. She eventually found her way. Entered the hall silently found her place and tried to blend in and not be noticed.

Ensign Serenity

As Serenity entered Drudoc’s keen sense of perception noticed the entrance and once the Ensign had taken her seat, Drudoc gestured. “..Elder One may I introduce our representative from security Ensign Serenity.” She said.

Serenity froze for a moment. She had hoped to only observe.

The gelatinous blob like creature known as the Elder One turned to to small bubbles which seemed to be eyes, in Serenity’s direction. “..Ah greetings Ensign. Please if you have questions for me to enlighten you with do ask..” He said.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

” it’s nice to meet you. I have one question I’m a little confused is The Elder One your title or is that your name? Also what exactly is the Abysal plain? I remember seeing it referenced in a report but did not get the chance to do much research into the subject” She asked.
Ensign Serenity

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