Check in with the COS

Posted April 27, 2021, 7:15 p.m. by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Joseph Rainns (Chief Of Security) in Check in with the COS

Posted by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) in Check in with the COS
After her appointment with medical she dropped Luna back off at her quarters and headed to meet the COS. It took her way to long to find his office. She kept getting lost. ” I definitely need to learn the lay out of the ship befor my first shift.” She said quietly.

Once she found his office she took a fee deep breaths. Looked around to make shure Luna had not followed her. She did not see the little cat anywhere so she rang the chime.
Ensign Serenity

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Rainns looked over the personnel profile of his new ensign. A child, starfleet had slapped him with a child. ‘Fantastic’ he thought to himself. A few moments later the chime rang. “Enter.” Rainns called out.

Lt. Jg. Joseph Rainns- COS

The red haired Ensign walked into the office. ” Hi I’m Ensign Serenity Winters I’m here to check in” she said as she stood at attention waghted for instructions.
Ensign Serenity

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