Meeting the captain

Posted April 27, 2021, 7:52 p.m. by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) (Christina Crafford)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Meeting the captain

Drudoc eyed the cat, she did not mind pets on her ship in truth, she only expected her crew to keep them under control. Looking to Serenity she said in a professional but friendly enough tone, “..I may suggest you get a tracker chip for your pet as well as a boundary control unit to keep it from wandering out of your quarters in the future.” She said, “..Medical I am sure can help you get the chip embedded, and engineering the boundary control unit installed for your quarters..”

Drudoc Andone CO

Serenity smiled and scooped the cat up. “Yes i’ll have to speak to engineering as soon as possible.” serenity said. the cat glared up at serenity.

ensign Serenity

Drudoc nodded at that. “..Well tell me some about you Ensign.” She inquired then.

Drudoc Andone CO

” umm… what would you like to know, I’m from earth, my grandfather was a star fleet Admiral he retired shortly after I was born so I only know his story’s. Mom was an actor and dad was an artist oddly enough. As for me well I joined star fleet to help people.” Serenity said hoping that was a good enough answer.

Ensign Serenity

”..Tell me whatever you may wish, who was your grandfather and parents? Anyone I might know in passing?” She inquired.

Drudoc Andone CO

” you probably wouldn’t know any of them dad’s art focuses on fantasy made up creachers of legions from all kinds of worlds. Mom travels with a small acting trupe touring the quadrant and performing all kinds of plays and musicals. I practically grew up at my grandfather house some three maby four hours north of San Francisco. I got to see star fleet academy and star fleet headquarters several times. Admiral
David Winters they called him. Oh my parents wished I would be an artist or actor but I wanted to explore see space and help people like the caricters in my favorite story’s.” Serenity said with a smile. Luna mowed and demanded pets witch Serenity gave her. The cat started to purr filling the office with the sound.
Ensign Serenity

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