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After a pause to digest more of the food inside its body, the Elder One spoke again, its jelly like appendages spreading out like one would their arms to embrace everyone. Though he didn’t touch anyone obviously. “..The latest gift of the divine plane is your arrival as I mentioned. It is why I am so excited to have been here upon your arrival into this system, to be the first to meet you, to talk to you and share ideas! To open the channels of exchange and trade if needed. It is an opportunity few in my position get to experience in our lives.” He said with an excited tone.

Drudoc was the first to broach the subject of exchanges. “..What sort of things do you have to exchange Elder One? I should point out with respect, our own culture among the Federation has a policy limiting interference and certain exchanges to those who don’t meet certain criteria of First Contact or hold certain diplomatic standings.” She asked.

”..Of course my dear Captain Andone. Just as we would wish you to respect our beliefs and culture of the Higher Planes, nor would we in turn wish you to break your own truths, beliefs, and culture. The offers of exchange I and my people most often give is that of knowledge and belief or prayers to those who travel this region. It can be a dangerous place to some, and knowing what lurks out there can be a boon for many..” The Elder One went on.

Drudoc took a sip of her drink, glancing to Serenity, she hoped the young security jo would speak up in turn to inquire about what sort of threats.

GM CockRoach / Drudoc Andone CO

” what lurks out there, what kind of dangers, do we face on this region of space?” Serenity said a suddenly focused and much more series tone. ” I don’t mean to be rude but if you can tell us more about the others as well as spatial occurrences in this region so if the need arises to defend or protect ourselves that would be very appreciated. Though I would hope we can get through this trip without getting into a fire fight with anyone. Not everyone is interested in peace.” Serenity said a general almost musical tone to her voice. She wanted to make sure that everyone onboard would be as safe as possible.

Ensign Serenity

Rhansi was glad the young ensign had picked up on the captain’s glance and asked the question. They needed as much information as possible if they were to survive this journey; even survive just being here. Every friend they made increased the likelihood of survival, and every enemy decreased them, but information could help balance that.

He just really, really hoped they didn’t end up in a Prime Directive scenario; entirely plausible given the situation they found themselves in. As a Starfleet officer, he had pledged to uphold General Order 1, even to give his life and that of his crew for it… but he often had massive misgivings for it as an absolute. He sipped his juice, pondering this as the Elder One spoke.

XO Rhansi

Denooy walked into the hall very late to the party as it were, she had completely lost track of the time while making notes for counseling sessions and she had not thought to set up a reminder chime for the party. She gave an apologetic smile to the Captain and the rest gathered
as she found an empty seat.

Their guest was certainly intriguing, she looked forward to speaking with them further given the opportunity.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

Hayley stepped over to the “buffet” and collected a couple of cups of hot lemon tea. She made her way over to the table Dinui sat at and offered her a cup. “May I join you, Counselor?” She asked with a smile. “I don’t want to overwhelm our guests by crowding them.”

Jr. Lt. Hayley Marshall, CMO

Denooy smiled at Hayley, “You’re always welcome to join me, I like getting your feedback on my various recipe trials.” She said lightly to her friend and commanding officer, after a moment’s pause she added quietly, “Speaking of cooking next week I am going to start a cooking lessons class, would you like to be a taste tester or do you want to join the class?” Denooy asked looking at Hayley.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

Another pause by the Elder One to digest some food and drink before he replied to Serenity. “..The most major threat are roguish elements of other races, pirates as you may call them. They prey on many lone wanders and Seekers of the faithful and not of the faithful or easy supplies. Others to be weary of are a reptilian race known as the Qudara they are quite territorial though we are a little bit aways from their claimed space currently. The last to be weary of are the mysterious Galens, no one really knows much of them they are one of the more advanced races in this region and prefer keeping to themselves. Though rumors persist they had links to higher powers and technology far beyond normal mortals on this plane.” He said.

GM CockRoach

” the Galens seems to be potentially the most dangerous as for the pirates star fleet has had there fair share in the Apha quadrant. It would be worth some extra training and test of our shealds and weapons systems perhaps even some extra sacurity details ” Serenity thought not realizing she was actually speaking. The look on her face was distant as if she was not mentally in the room.

She shook her head and looked The Elder One ” Thank you i’ll make shure to pass the information to the rest of sacurity I do very much appreciate your help. Would you happen to be able to show us where the difrent taritorys are on a star chat? ” She said and smiled.
Ensign Serenity

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