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Posted May 1, 2021, 2:58 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

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Sharah studied the information they had and kept coming back to what she had tried earlier. She reached over and dropped the shields. She used the transporter to lock onto it and ‘beam’ it into the buffer, then told the computer to use that information to ‘beam out’ what the pattern actually was to the containment unit that was hooked up to the power system. She entered the shuttle to see what, if anything they had to work with. The entire time she worked she watched the screen to make sure she didn’t come into physical contact with one of the ‘bubbles’ and to made sure her mind was exceptionally clear.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Caelian made a sour face at his displays, but not in regard to the data. While he could apply his mind to a task when the pressure was on, he knew the tendency for his mind to wander when he wasn’t deeply engaged. Monitoring the runabout’s engines and systems wasn’t exactly engaging. When Sharah mentioned how the energy pockets reacted like transporters, his mind flashed back to the experiment he had hoped to conduct with L’Nel—something that would have to wait until he had an actual sample to work with. Now’s not the time, Cael, he grumbled to himself, staring harder at the readings before him. If this stuff’s that potent, I need to focus. Maybe I should just think about the injection cycle, how it’s supposed to work…

He watched the data very carefully, did the math in his head over and over. Volumes, pressures, mixtures, all of it. He stared at the screen so hard he could almost see the hydrogen-boridium reaction in his mind’s eye. Nice and regular, he repeated to himself. Like clockwork. Nice and regular…

Beaming aboard one of the reality bubbles was surprisingly easy.....maybe TOO easy? Who could tell!

In either case once the bubble was in containment and the shields raised again they thankfully had not had any other bubbles intrude on their runabout thanks to the excellent piloting of NE Vorn at the helm!

Inside the containment unit the bubble they had netted was about the size of a coffee cup or so. It glowed with a barely visible energy pulse almost colored in a silver-blue-white shifting tone. The energy output seemed stable and contained it floated about like a speck of dust in the containment unit occasionally brushing against it before bouncing off and hitting another barrier. No signs of problems were far.

GM CockRoach

“Computer scan the contained object. Analyze chemical and atomic construction. Analyze energy patterns.” She wanted to make sure that their previous readings were the same. Never assume. “Asam? Why can we see this one. The ones onboard Ark Angel were invisible except on scans. So what would make us be able to see this one now?”

=/\= Scanning…=/\= The computer chirped

Sharah pulled out a medical tricorder and set up some on board medical telemetry. “Alright Asam, I think out of all of us here, you are the most clear headed. I’ll monitor your vitals. Weir, Allendor, I know one of you needs to keep an eye on the boridium engine but I need one of you to monitor the containment unit and the power output of that sphere.” She turned back to Tabris, “Alright let’s start with something easy. Just make sure the idea is very clear and precise.”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Mazi didn’t like the sound of something that could read your mind and make it come true. Between her past, her feelings for certain members of the crew and the innate fear that came with exploration like they were doing, there was plenty that could go wrong if such thoughts crossed her mind. But she focused on the task at hand. If she could imagine the experiment going exactly as planned, then, with luck, if something did read her mind, it would be success that won out, not nightmares.

As Cael kept watch on the readings, she watched the containment field. Her own antennae tipping back in curiosity as she wondered what they would do if everything was a success. Why would anyone want to capture something as potentially hostile as an entity that read your mind and made it come true. She didn’t like the ideas that flitted through her mind just before she once more focused on the end result of obtaining what they wanted to achieve.

Mazi Engineer

As Fayth watched the reality bubble continued to lightly bounce off the containment field. But a problem soon popped up when they tried influencing it with thoughts, that being the containment sphere interfering. The bubble in this case remained just that a highly self contained energy bubble.

Meanwhile the computer beeped again showing its results. =/\= Analysis complete, object is made up of preanimate matter, protomatter and biltihium based crystal energy structures. =/\= It said. The result of biltihium would be quite surprising to Fayth perhaps and the engineers, such a crystal structure was known only by word of mouth to be a one of ‘many’ make ups of energy based life forms. The fact it had pre-animate matter which didn’t ‘quite cut it’ as being truly life, as well as protomatter which as the group would recall was a key component in the Genesis device from the late 2280s of an era before. Made this a highly influential discovery! Based on what they had experienced so far this was both very dangerous but also an amazing find. In essence they could be looking at some form of primitive energy based life form!

GM CockRoach

Sharah read the scan results very very carefully. She’d never seen anything like that, though she’d read about it. Her instincts told her that this was a life form, not how they knew it, but. She stopped Asam with a hand and walked over to the containment field. It responded to thoughts, so on some level, maybe not how she understood or used it, this creature? life form? person? was telepathic. She certainly didn’t want to hurt it with the craziness what was in her mind, but she was the most logical choice. She wished that Rainns was there, but she breathed pushing that thought away and the fear of the unknown. It wouldn’t help here. “I think it might be an energy based life form. Let’s see if it will talk to me.”

She walked over to the container and dropped one of the side panels and gently put her hand in. She kept her mind as clear as possible, making her thought very clear and succinct and using her telepathy, ‘Who are you?’

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

The bubble stopped its lazy drifting at Fayth’s thoughts, there was a simple pulse effect from it but otherwise it did nothing else. Perhaps in its current for it could not really ‘think’ in a manner that it or Fayth understood without touch? This might explain why the bubbles elsewhere only materialized when they touched someone. It’s also possible the reason they were seeing it now versus not from before, was due in part to the transporter and containment shield having an indirect or direct effect on it.

GM CockRoach

The bubble had drifted away at her attempt to touch it. This time she purposely , and she hoped gently, touched the bubble asking the same question again. I that didn’t work she focused on the feeling of hunger accompanied with the idea of wanting to eat a grilled cheese sandwich.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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