Counselor's office boarding evaluation

Posted May 2, 2021, 1:12 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi'Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) (Cassa D)

Posted by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) in Counselor’s office boarding evaluation

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi’Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) in Counselor’s office boarding evaluation

Posted by Ensign Serenity Winters (Security Officer) in Counselor’s office boarding evaluation
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Serenity had been walking through the has of the ship for ten minutes or so. She had gotten lost goodness knows how many times befor final finding the consulers office. On the bright side she was not late and Luna had not followed her.

Though she was not exactly thrilled about the appointment and she was not worried ether. She reached out pressed the chime and waghted.
Ensign Serenity

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Denooy hummed lightly as she walked about her office, pleased again by her choice of colors in the room. The color in the room was a cool mint green along the port sidewalls, the starboard side was lavender. There were several shelves around the room each with its own centerpiece, the majority were from her collection of bonsai trees, two shelves, however, each had a blank canvas and sealed painting kits. After she watered her bonsai trees she checked her appointments for the day. She sat in a chair, the desk was significantly smaller than it had been for the previous counselor, she wanted the extra room for a bigger couch and set of chairs for folks to sit comfortably and relax. There was a platter of fresh croissants on her desk and at the sound of the chime she looked up with a smile, “It’s open!”

Serenity stepped into the office and smiled. ” Hello I’m Ensign Serenity Winters I’m here for a boring evaluation” she said

Denooy rose to her feet and nodded at the room, “Make yourself at home, would you like anything to drink or maybe one of these croissants?”

Denooy ze In Dra, Chief Counselor
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Serenity smiled and sat in one of the chairs.” No thank you I do appreciate the offer though. How has your day been. ” she said sweetly.
Ensign Serenity

Denooy was slightly baffled by Serenity Winters, Her first statement about reporting for a boring evaluation didn’t match up with her suddenly sweet tone and question of her day. Denooy sat down in a smooth motion, and regarded the ensign a moment her anteni twitching slightly. “Why do you feel evaluations are boring?” She asked lightly, wondering if Serenity Winters planned to try and make her forget the statement with her sudden Sweet demeanor.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

” Boring did I say that I ment Bording I’m sorry it’s been a long day. Meeting new people is always fun” Serenity said. Her face turning red with embarrassment. ” it’s just like me to miss speak and give the wrong impression” she shook her head.
Ensign Luna.

Denooy raised her eye brows slightly, “I see, well how are you finding the Ark Angel so far?” She asked gently as she watched the younger woman’s expression and made note of her posture, as she spoke. How a person sat as they spoke often said what their words were not.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

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IC: Serenity shook her head and sat up straight. “Well its definitely easy to get lost here, but I don’t really have much of an opinion I’ve only been here for a day I prefer to take my time when making such decisions. I believe the old saying is never judge a book by its cover. ” she said. She looked around, “You like Bonsai trees they are beautiful you must have spent a lot of time on them.” serenity said.
ensign serenity

Denooy nodded her head again, “Yes it is easy to get lost, though the computer directory is extremely helpful, I like how it can be linked to a PaDD with visual cues instead of being audio. It’s how I learned my way around the ship when I wasn’t studying a schematic.” she said lightly hoping that the gentle reminder of the technolgy was available for just such occurances, so new crew wouldn’t get lost as often.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

Serenity giggled ” right totally forgot about that” she grinned. ” so what to people do on this ship when the aren’t working” Serenity asked.
Ensign Serenity

Denooy nodded softly, “Everyone has their own hobbies which are not my place to say, as you noticed I have been growing these bonsai trees for five to ten years depending on the tree, some where gifts and some I ordered for myself. I also enjoy painting but have no true talent at it. I just enjoy it. As for possible group things sometimes folks set up a bowling night on the holodeck and there’s other such things happening from time to time.”

She paused an regarded Serenity, “How long have you been in Star fleet?” she was curious because the way the younger woman acted she was very new to being ship side. Like right out of the academy new.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

” umm… not long this is my first assignment. ” She said. Quickly feeling like she had asked a worning question. She started quietly at the ground not fully excepting some kind of lecture. She was to happy and did not know enuff to be here. She had received similar lectures in the academy. She contemplated avoiding people and keeping to herself for a moment thoughts she would never voice.
Ensign Luna

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