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Tabris nodded and approached her side, “Anything to help a friend, let’s get one of these captured shall we?” He said looking over the device, deeming it well and able to work as intended, should the energy bubbles behave accordingly.

Tabris, Eng

Caelian nodded, turned to the pilot. “Let’s start out at fifty-thousand keipiaitch while I run the load tests. Sensors aren’t picking anything up in the area, so you should be safe on any heading.”

Turning back to his console, the engineer tapped in a few commands and pulled up the runabout’s engine specs. Nodding to himself, he programmed a sequence and set it to run. “Astrogational deflectors are active and operating within parameter. Engine output is within tollerance. Structural integrity is holding. Raising shields.”

A faint hum resonated through him as the shields bristled to life around the vessel. Caelian closed his eyes reflexively, straining his ears for any deviation in the hum of the air. Nothing sounds off, at least. he noted dubiously. He did a lot better with systems he’d been around constantly, like the Ark Angel, so he would have to content himself with the idea that nothing jumped out at him. Watching the data cascading down the monitors, he nodded.

“Shields are holding across all standard frequencies. I’m showing minor deviation across the lower EM bands, but it’s nothing I didn’t expect.” Hands dancing across the keypad and eyes alert, Caelian made a few adjustments. “I don’t recommend picking any firefights just yet, but we’ll be able to defend ourselves while we high-tail it back to the Angel.

The computer chirped, alerting him to the start of his second test. The transporter pad toward the rear of the runabout illuminated as the computer ran a cursory diagnostic. Another chirp, and the air around the transporter crackled to life as a forcefield erected to surround the pad. Moments later he was treated to a blue-white particle shower within the transporter chamber for several minutes before the forcefield snapped off and the system dimmed to dormancy once more.

“Transporter coming online now,” Caelian noted as it happened, watching his monitors and comparing the readings to his tricorder. “Containment field is active and holding. Beginning test sequence in three… two… one. Energizing transporter, simulating standard atmospheric load. Containment is still holding, no variance detected in the pattern buffers. Test complete. Transporter returning to standby mode.”

With a self-assured smile, Caelian twisted in his chair to give Sharah a thumbs-up. “I’ll have to do a thorough look-see when we get back, but I think we’re good here, sir. If we can keep her under three-quarter impulse for a bit while I monitor things just to be sure, you’re free to bag yourself some anomalies.”

—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Scans by Fayth on the ‘reality spheres’ as some were calling them, showed several of various sizes evident around them. Some as small as a fingernail, others as larger or larger than then the runabout itself.

GM CockRoach

“Asam can you guys make sure that the unit is safely and sufficiently hooked up to the Fulcrum’s power systems? We don’t want it failing once we’ve got one of those things.” Fayth turned back to her sensor readings and pulled up the results of the ‘reality spheres’ and their location and turned to the pilot. “Alright I want to park right here.” She pointed to a location on the screen where they were in the clear of any of the spheres. “Maneuvering thrusters only, don’t let those things actually pass through the shuttle. Once we have on on board we’ll raise the shields again and be protected from them.” She turned to the engineers. “So for those who weren’t in the shuttle bay, these things appear to respond to our thoughts. If you are in contact with one and you think it, it creates it. The energy signatures are similar to a replicator or transporter. But I need to know right now that we can all stay focused. We don’t want to do what I did: worry about blowing a sensor relay and then it actually happened.” Sharah had messed up there. Granted she hadn’t known about the spheres at the time, but it was still on her. “So if anyone needs a minute to order their thoughts, take it.”

Caelian made a sour face at his displays, but not in regard to the data. While he could apply his mind to a task when the pressure was on, he knew the tendency for his mind to wander when he wasn’t deeply engaged. Monitoring the runabout’s engines and systems wasn’t exactly engaging. When Sharah mentioned how the energy pockets reacted like transporters, his mind flashed back to the experiment he had hoped to conduct with L’Nel—something that would have to wait until he had an actual sample to work with. Now’s not the time, Cael, he grumbled to himself, staring harder at the readings before him. If this stuff’s that potent, I need to focus. Maybe I should just think about the injection cycle, how it’s supposed to work…

He watched the data very carefully, did the math in his head over and over. Volumes, pressures, mixtures, all of it. He stared at the screen so hard he could almost see the hydrogen-boridium reaction in his mind’s eye. Nice and regular, he repeated to himself. Like clockwork. Nice and regular…

Sharah studied the information they had and kept coming back to what she had tried earlier. She reached over and dropped the shields. She used the transporter to lock onto it and ‘beam’ it into the buffer, then told the computer to use that information to ‘beam out’ what the pattern actually was to the containment unit that was hooked up to the power system. She entered the shuttle to see what, if anything they had to work with. The entire time she worked she watched the screen to make sure she didn’t come into physical contact with one of the ‘bubbles’ and to made sure her mind was exceptionally clear.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Mazi didn’t like the sound of something that could read your mind and make it come true. Between her past, her feelings for certain members of the crew and the innate fear that came with exploration like they were doing, there was plenty that could go wrong if such thoughts crossed her mind. But she focused on the task at hand. If she could imagine the experiment going exactly as planned, then, with luck, if something did read her mind, it would be success that won out, not nightmares.

As Cael kept watch on the readings, she watched the containment field. Her own antennae tipping back in curiosity as she wondered what they would do if everything was a success. Why would anyone want to capture something as potentially hostile as an entity that read your mind and made it come true. She didn’t like the ideas that flitted through her mind just before she once more focused on the end result of obtaining what they wanted to achieve.


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