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Both looked up in turn to the question. “..NE Billy and NE Bob.” They said in turn.

GM CockRoach

Denooy nodded slightly, “Are you related? What are your regular duties?” she asked after a moment of consideration. The fact they had not said much was making it very difficult to form a base line to work from. She had plenty of patience and she was willing to take as much time as she felt necessary.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

”..Nah we’re not related.” NE Bob said. Pausing to wipe his brow.

”..Just friends..” NE Billy added then.

”..We’re from the operations department on the ship, normally I manage part of the ship’s waste disposal lines on decks 40-45.” NE Bob chimed in then.

”..I mainly manage the auxiliary craft preparations for missions when needed, in bay 4.” NE Billy said too.

As Logan sat there she looked at the counselor. Handed her what she Logan had. Logan then left after that and thought she did well whole the counselor was gone. She is also very grateful that the counselor is back so she can leave.

Ensign Logan

O O C I am greatful for the help but the post has snipped out your parts. So regardless I would have to back read previous entries to find the information I asked for In character. If however you want to give me the brief version in an O O C comment or even private message that is very welcome.

In Character

Denooy softly thanked Ensign Logan for the PaDD of information she would go over it after she finished her own evaluation and would compare their findings. After that she would have a detailed report and recommendation for the Captain on the mental state of Bill and Bob. She regarded the pair and waited for their answers, patiently.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

GM CockRoach

OOC: Of course. I’ll try and locating it.

IC: “Is there anything else you need me for counselor or am I good and free to leave?” As she asked the question to the counselor. She knows that she did a good job and Ashley would be proud of what she did for that temporary time of asking questions. She doesnt know if she is free to go but she then awaits the response.

Ensign Logan

“Of course Ensign and thank you very much for you help.” Denooy said with a genuine smile of thanks, then she turned her attention to the pair in the cell once more, “How long have you been friends, how many postings have you had before joining the Ark Angel?” she asked gently, adding to her notes as they replied.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

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