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Posted May 6, 2021, 6:25 a.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Another pause by the Elder One to digest some food and drink before he replied to Serenity. “..The most major threat are roguish elements of other races, pirates as you may call them. They prey on many lone wanders and Seekers of the faithful and not of the faithful or easy supplies. Others to be weary of are a reptilian race known as the Qudara they are quite territorial though we are a little bit aways from their claimed space currently. The last to be weary of are the mysterious Galens, no one really knows much of them they are one of the more advanced races in this region and prefer keeping to themselves. Though rumors persist they had links to higher powers and technology far beyond normal mortals on this plane.” He said.

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” the Galens seems to be potentially the most dangerous as for the pirates starfleet has had their fair share in the Alpha quadrant. It would be worth some extra training and test of our shields and weapons systems perhaps even some extra security details ” Serenity thought not realizing she was actually speaking. The look on her face was distant as if she was not mentally in the room.

She shook her head and looked The Elder One ” Thank you i’ll make sure to pass the information to the rest of security I do very much appreciate your help. Would you happen to be able to show us where the different territories are on a star chat? ” She said and smiled.

Ensign Serenity

The Elder One seemed to consider the request for a minute then gave a toot sounding from the top of his head, and ‘shrug’ like gesture. “..I see no reason not too, so long as there is an equal exchange of information in return. Perhaps an enlightenment of information of races from your own region of space?” He inquired.

Drudoc took up the slack of exchange at this point. “..I see no reason we could not, such a trade would not be harmful as far as I can see to either party.” She said in agreement. Then looked around for seeing if anyone among the rest of the senior staff would be inquiring of information.

”..Then we have an agreement Captain.” The Elder One replied.

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It was then that Miz’uki who was still mentally stuck still and her anger at their situation was building she had just been about to take a drink from the glass of water she gripped the glass of water too tightly and suddenly with a sharp breaking sound The glass of water broke in her hand she was not hurt but clearly she was quite upset


Serenity turned her head to the Engineering chief ” are you ok Lieutenant” she asked gently. Consurne writing on her face and clear in her voice. ” If your not hurt I can find something to clean that glass up” Serenity offered.

Ensign Serenity

NE Barbra spoke up to Serenity, “..I’ll get the glass cleaned up ma’am, don’t worry.” She said already moving with a sonic broom and pan to sweep things up.

Drudoc looked over to where the chief engineer was, her expression of anger was clear she felt, and Drudoc suspected it was due in part to their current situation getting to the young Lieutenant. “..Lieutenant, why don’t you and the counselor step outside a moment, collect your thoughts with her?” Drudoc advised.

Drudoc Andone CO

Denooy had jumped at the sound of shattering glass looking around for the cause and at the Captain’s words she glanced to Hayley, “I’ll continue talking with you later if that is alright?” then she got to her feet and walked over to the Chief Engineer, “Why don’t we go for a little walk?”

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

Miz’uki nodded getting up she moved to walk with the counselor before leaving the room she turned to their guest “Please Forgive me Elder one…I just…have a lot on my mind and I hope that you do not take this incident in offence” she said simply


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The Elder One regarded Miz’uki, “..A pity we did not get to speak during this time. But things are for you as they are. Have a good day.” He stated simply.

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