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The holo deck interior was not currently displaying it’s standard yellow and black grid form, it was a large kitchen, with several cooking tables and stoves and ovens inlaid into each table. Each table was set up for the first cooking lesson. Bread though the same recipe could be altered easily to turn into buttery biscuits, or even pizza crust.

The room was spacious and had several open raised windows along the upper walls. So there would be no one passing out from over exposure to heat, herself included. That was an experiance she was not keen on repeating for a long time.

It would take a few lessons to make the exchange to make pastries. If folks continued to show interest and wanting to branch out she have several recipes she had ready to teach and she would make room for requests to add for additional classes if it came to it. Denooy was dressed in atypical chef shirt, with a modified hair net so her anteni were not affected by it, as it covered her hair. she also had an apron over the chef shirt.

She wasn’t certain how many would actually show up but she was looking forward to this experiance as it would allow for folks to one relax and learn something new and another chance to get to know folks on a more personnal level.

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

O O C as the title says this is an open thread anyone is welcome join in. Reminder that I am using Speech to text and it gets some character names wrong either for my mispronouncing or it just is not recognized.

Serenity walked in her long hair tied back as braded she was whereing a sailor moon T-shirt and a pair of blue jeanes. ” is there still room to sign up for the class” she asked absent mindedly playing with her braslet. ” I just heard about the class a few minutes ago, I was hopping there would be room if not do you know when the next one will be Cooking sounds fun I would love to give it a try” she said happly.
Ensign Serenity

Denooy nodded her head gently, “There is still room yes, you will want to go to the closet at the back and get a shirt and apron to go over your clothes the truth about cooking when learning it is messy, so you want to protect your clothes. There are hair nets on the shelf above the shirts and aprons make sure tuck your braid into it so no hair gets into your food while cooking.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Dinui, xi’Indrai I’ll be back” Serenity said happily. She practically skipped to the closest the counselor mentioned. She quickly got ready for class and headed back to the other.

Sharah left a note letting Joseph know where she was going and who with. She was sure after the last time she burned herself, the idea of her cooking probably worried him, but Dinui would be there. They were going to see if this helped and could be part of her regulary therapy techniques. Sharah told him to come if he was up to it. She half hoped he would: they loved cooking togther, and half hoped he wouldn’t. Lately his job had been more demanding than normal and she knew he needed to quiet down time to recharge.

She entered the holodeck and walked over to the counselor. “Hi Dinui.” Sharah’s black long curly hair was put back into a French braid and she was wearing comfortable but not loose clothing. “How are you doing?” Sharah was excited for the cooking, but was really hoping Dinui gave her a table to herself. The ‘noise’ was bad enough without someone next to her stressing over getting a recipe right. Of course next to her or not she was going to hear it all anyway. She was fidgeting with her hands. She was more nervous than…oh no…it was some of the other people.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Denooy smiled as Shara, “Ah you did make it after all, I was just telling Serenity where to find a chef shirt and apron, and yu will need a hair net too, I figure we can talk for a few minutes to give others a chance to arrive and if no one else shows up we can get started.”

Denooy Ze In Dra, Chief Counselor

Noticing the Lieutenant now standing next to Dinui xi’Indrai. “Hi Lieutenant, I’m Serenity it’s nice to meet you” she said with a smile.
Ensign Luna

Sharah smiled slightly, “Hello Ensign, excuse me.” She nodded to Dinui and then headed to the back cabinet. The hair net was problematic. Sharah’s curls went everywhere and simply would not be contained by the net. She moved to the far end of the room and worked at getting her hair into a french braid her hair and then was able to get it all into the net. She returned with hat and apron in place.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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