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Posted May 17, 2021, 6:24 p.m. by Ensign V'alura Belmont (Science Officer) (Abigail G)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office - Ensign Belmont Reporting For Duty

Posted by Ensign V’alura Belmont (Science Officer) in CSO’s Office - Ensign Belmont Reporting For Duty

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office - Ensign Belmont Reporting For Duty
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Annnnd check on her medical exam. V’alura breathed easier once free of sickbay. She took a moment to silently hope that she would never need a reason to be back there again. It was nothing personal against the doctors and the nurses, but the environment itself that put her on edge. Too many bad associations, her brain oh so helpfully supplied. What’s done is done, as her momma would say, and the only way to look is straight ahead. V’alura would do just that, and made her way to the CSO’s office.

The science suite wrapped with the hull of the ship a corridor led to the left and right of the door. Down the left on the outer wall was Astrometrics labs 1 and 2 and the inner wall housed the exobiology labs 1 and 2. Down the right hand corridor were the 3 general science lags along with planetary science lab 1. More labs were right below them on deck 14, sharing half that deck with the security department. The other half of deck 13 housed the shield generators.

Directly across from the door was the office. It was…spacious. The room was long and rectangular, curved slightly with the shape of the ship. It extended to either side of the door. Entering her office the space directly in front of the door was the large window. The flower bed was there, not yet planted, but there were several seedlings in small pots sitting on the floor nearby. The whole right side of the office from the door to the end, was a small lab area. A lab table, sink, emergency kits, and other various equipment was there. To the left was her desk. The desk was against the front wall, allowing her to look out the glass wall and around the science suite. The replicator was on the wall behind her desk. On her desk was a basic personal computer terminal. Mounted to the corner was a large screen that displayed what was going on in all the science labs. The ones here on deck 13 and 14. As well as those located in the lower hull of the ship. The information provided the overall status of each lab as well as the equipment and any updates the officers added about their work. On the left corner facing towards the middle of the desk, is a photo of the CSO with a young man. If the person seeing the picture was familiar with the crew they would recognize the CoS as the other person in the picture. There were also several notebooks/sketchbooks as well as PaDDs containing a myriad of information about the workings of the labs and her own personal projects.

She hit the door chime to announce her presence, then stepped inside with an easy smile on her face. You could learn a lot about a person from their personal spaces, and ship offices were no different. “Ensign Belmont, reporting for duty.” V’alura said, both as a formality and a greeting. Outwardly, she was the picture of calm, but inwardly she was excited as all can be. After years of playing pretend on the set of a space ship she was actually on a real ship! The consoles were real, the doors were real and when she looked out a window and into space. That was real too!

Ensign Belmont (Science)

Sharah was working in the lab space to the right of the door of her office. “Enter!” she called out. She looked up seeing a very fresh faced ensign as the doors opened, the excitement pouring off of her in huge waves the rocked Sharah momentarily. Wow....Sharah grinned, she loved the excitement and though she wasn’t listening closely enough to pin point the exact reason she remembered reporting in for her first post graduation assignment. Which had been less than a year ago. It was a giddy experience. “Ah, Ensign Belmont. Welcome, come in and have a seat.” Sharah turned back to the lab table and closed off several containers and safely stored them before turning around. She took the time to properly clean her hands.

“Don’t mind if I do!” V’alura settled into a chair and eagerly soaked in the room around her. From the private science lab, to the plant potters and the CSO’s desk. She didn’t look too closely at any PaDDs but she did let her gaze linger on the sketchbooks. V’alura never pursued that side of the arts but she appreciated it all the same. Her teachers at Julliard called art an expression of the soul.

“Can I get you a drink or something to eat?” She moved towards the replicator. Though most found it odd and stand-offish Sharah did not shake hands. Being Betazoid she could hear thoughts without touch, but touch made her gift So. Much. Worse. So out of respect she refrained from touching people. Belmont would learn this from the science staff, as they all understood why and went out of their way to make it easier for her.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“I’d love a nice tall glass of black tea. Thank you,” V’alura said, not offended at all by the lack of hand shake. As a touch telepath she avoided unnecessary touch when possible, but could give handshakes or casual touches if needed. Over the years she learned to put up mental shields and perfect the technique of quick squeeze and let go. Humans were a touchy species and she’s learned to make do. “I gotta say, I can’t wait to get started in the labs. The Ark Angel is a beautiful ship.”

Ensign Belmont (Science)

Sharah turned to the replicator, “Black tea, Tall. Ice Water, 6 cubes, please.” And the replicator swirled in gold and the glasses appeared. She handed the black tea to Belmont before taking her own seat with a sip of the water. “So tell me Ensign what is your specialty?”
Lt jg Fayth CSO

V’alura answered after a quick gulp of tea. “That would be Artificial Intelligence. I wrote my Ph.D dissertation on the automation and autonomy of a ship’s AI in a ‘crew blackout’ meaning all crew aboard the ship are incapacitated. I proposed code that would allow the starship’s computer to, well, to read the room as they say, and make decisions to take the ship to safety and, if possible, utilize on-board systems to revive or secure its crew.” It worked like a charm in good chunk of the test scenarios. “My expertise is backed by my degrees in computer engineering and applied mathematical mechanics. I can make a simulation of just about anything. And, to brag just a little, make the best holodeck programs you’ve ever seen.” Whew, after all that talk she needs another sip of her tea.

Ensign Belmont (science)

Sharah was paying attention, though it probably didn’t appear that way. She was dealing with the noise that a new arrival had caused in the passing by the labs on her way in. Curiosity, expectation, and for some potential relief in their labs. She took in the older woman and knew the question she was about to ask was going to sound pretentious but it was an honest curious question that would help Sharah determine where to place her. “What brought you to Star Fleet, ensign?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

V’alura expected the question, and one she’s answered before. “Star Fleet is where the best and the brightest go.” She said, “To explore the final frontier. I’ve always loved science and space is full of new and exciting discoveries. I want be there when they’re made and maybe make a few myself.” That was an honest answer, but not the full one. Her work on Endless Black gave her a taste for life among the stars. And it was Endless Black that soured her love for acting. The other half of the answer was that V’alura wanted to be far, far away from Earth and her old career. In between sips of tea, V’alura kept those complicated and messy memories locked in their mental room along with all the messy, ugly emotions they invoked.

Ensign Belmont (science)

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