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Posted May 22, 2021, 4:03 p.m. by Ensign V'alura Belmont (Science Officer) (Abigail G)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi’Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) in Side Sim Counsel for Belmont

Posted by Ensign V’alura Belmont (Science Officer) in Side Sim Counsel for Belmont

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi’Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) in Side Sim Counsel for Belmont
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Dinui paced around the office, the color in the room was a cool mint green along the port side walls, the starboard side were lavender. There were several shelves around the room each with it’s own center piece, the majority were from her personal collection of bonsai trees, two shelves however had blank canvas and sealed painting kits. Her chair was moved from the center of the room, the desk was significantly smaller than it had been for the previous counselor, she wanted the extra room for a bigger couch and set of chairs for folks to sit comfortable and relax. There was a platter of fresh croissants on her desk and at the sound of the chime she looked up with a smile, “It’s open!”

Dinui xi’Indrai, Chief Couselor

V’alura’s stomach gave a small growl en-route to her check-in with the ship’s counselor. Just a little longer, she thought, I’m sure the nice counselor will offer food and drink and I’ll go, why, yes please, I would love a little snack. Though, the closer she came to the counselor’s office, the more nervous she felt. V’alura was no stranger to counseling, seeing as she’s been in and out of their offices the past five years. Medical centers and their too-clean-too-antiseptic smell made her jittery and tense, but therapy offices left a feeling like a buzz under her skin. An itch that she can’t scratch and sets her on edge.

Show time. V’alura rang the door chime and entered on the request. Her gaze zeroed in on the croissants, “Oh thank goodness, I was starting to feel a bit peckish. If that’s okay, of course.” She said, just in case that tasty tray of pastry were for some other purpose.

Ensign Belmont (science)

“Of course you’re welcome to help yourself, would you like something to drink as well? Dinui said with a smile, the croissants were her way of welcoming besides the less standard colors and decor in the room. The live plants and the option to let folks explore their creative side with the painting kits. Whatever helped them to relax that was her goal.

Dinui xi’Indrai, Chief Counselor

V’alura plucked a croissant from the plate and turned down the offer for a drink, “I’m good, but thank you.” She took a seat on the couch and nibbled on her snack while taking in the room. The little bonsai trees were adorable and V’alura wondered if they were hard to care for. She had to remind herself to stay calm, and to try and relax, least she go all blabber mouth. Not something she wanted to repeat within the same day, thank you very much. “This is a lovely office,” She said.

Ensign Belmont (science)

“I was aiming for calming but I will accept the compliment.” Dinui said as she sat down, “I know you’re newly transfered aboard, are you enjoying the Ark Angel so far?” she asked after a moment giving V’alura time to enjoy the crossiant, nothing ruined the enjoyment of something than being rushed to eat it, in her opinion at any rate.

Dinui xi’Indrai, Chief Counselor

V’alura was sure it was calming, just not to her. Which was no fault of the counselor’s or her decorating. “Oh, I love it already.” V’alura answered, her stomach at peace once again with food in it. “I don’t think I can properly explain how novel it is. I worked on a set of a ship for so long that I keep expecting to turn a corner and walk off the set. How I keep forgetting the console screens and replicators are real.” She chuckled because that list could go on.

Ensign Belmont (science)

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