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Caelian nodded, leaned to get the pilot’s attention. “Can we swing around? I’d like to deposit it back where we found it, if that’s possible. Should be one-eight-seven mark two-five. Thirty-thousand kilometers or so.”

As he felt the hum of the deck plates change from the course correction, the engineer checked his monitors and made a few additional notes. He would have liked to have studied the energy patterns and fluctuations for a while longer yet, but he agreed with Sharah: there was no point keeping it contained unnecessarily if it was sentient.

Readings of the tricorder showed Mini-Fayth was an exact physical match of Big-Fayth. Betazoid, humanoid, strong telepathy, etc. Curiously the strong telepathic abilities did not seem to be an issue for Mini-Fayth far as Big-Fayth could tell from observations. She also seemed to lack the full range of memories, and outright personality that Big-Fayth had obviously.

Mini-Fayth again considered the question posed to her. She looked down at herself then, up to Big-Fayth. “..I think I am too? I am you? Just smaller somehow.” she said.

Fayth honestly had no idea what to do. The scans showed she was just a tiny version of herself, that she was in fact real and life. They…no she had just helped create life, and not in any normal way that she knew of. “Well you are physically like me, but your memories, your…personality is different. We call this difference individuality.” She tried to filter the noise out and focus on the thoughts and feelings of her smaller self, but refrained from anything more than passive. She had absolutely no idea if the size of the mind mattered, it had never been....studied. How did it process energy? “Are you hungry?”

Feelings of the Mini-Fayth were first and foremost one of confusion, curiosity, and a touch of what would pass for anxiety. All normal responses for a humaniod in this state, but for a formerly energy based life form to material state who could say!

”..Hungry?” She inquired in confusion.

Checking the sensor readings once more as the runabout slowed, Caelian began plugging commands into his console. “Hold course and speed. Readings look good for transport. Lowering aft shields, scanning impulse wake. Initiating transport.”

A jolt ran through Caelian’s mind as the computer chirped. Behind him, he could hear the transporter system wind up. Curious, he pulled up the alert and glanced at the analysis. There was something about the second bubble’s pattern that almost looked like…

”…a synergistic response?” he whispered thoughtfully.

Sharah looked over at Weir, “Is that…are they connected?” If so it might be a bad idea to transport the other bubble away. It could harm the tiny person they had in the shuttle, and she couldn’t transport it out, the vacuum of space would kill her now.

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Aborting transport!” His hands slammed down on the console, raced across its glazed surface and against time. The bubble’s pattern was already converted, had made it through the pattern buffers, was almost reconstituted behind the runabout. Several alarms blared as he dumped power from the main converter and cycled the system into a maintenance loop to force a shutdown. Caelian’s heart hammered against his throat as he stared at his monitor, willing it to work.

When the transporter fell quiet and dark once more, he let out an explosive breath. There, in the containment field, was the blue-white pulse of the reality bubble. “Well, there’s my cardio for the day. Bringing aft shields back online.”

He turned to Sharah. “I’ll need some time to go over the runabout’s systems, make sure I didn’t blow any relays trying to get it back. While I don’t think it would have hurt to put it out into space again—being native energy and all—but we haven’t seen any kind of link between, uh, her and the rest of her kin outside. This is new, so we should play it safe.

—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

The second bubble flickered wildly, pulsing more visibly now the definite sudden change then change again had put some kind of effect on it. In this case as they watched the energy pattern grew smaller until it winked out, vanishing off sensor scans and from the containment field/bubble. It was possible the sudden shifts of molecular transport and transport again had caused it to lose its molecular coherency and energy matrix. Effectively they had just killed it by accident.....

Mini-Fayth looked over to where the second reality bubble faded out, a sad look crossed her face and mind quite strongly at that, but also strongly of fear and confusion equally. Tears began to drip down from her eyes, and she wiped at them in more confusion. “..What is happening to me?” Mini-Fayth said. “..I feel empty, hollow, and I leak this.....fluid.”

GM CockRoach

Sharah felt it too and it physically moved her, she blinked rapidly. They had been trying to stop an accident not create one…the guilt washed over her as well as mini-Fayth’s grief. “You’re sad, what you are feeling is called sadness, and grief. Grief means you miss someone or something that won’t come back. That fluid is called tears. Humanoids leak tears from their eyes when they are feel sadness or grief.” She took a deep breath, she couldn’t afford to get lost in the feelings of those around her. “I am so sorry, we were trying to send your friend home. It was an accident, something went wrong.” She watched herself, this was a dead end. But now what to do with miniFayth? “Do you know how you came from before to be like you are now?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Caelian stared, dumbfounded, at his monitors. It had just… fallen apart. He’d done everything by the book to abort a transport in-progress. The sensor logs showed that it hadn’t fully reconstituted in space, not that it should have mattered. The runabout was right where they’d picked it up, the conditions for transport should have been the same. It didn’t make one shred of sense to him.

“I did everything by the book,” he whispered sadly, trying to shake the hollow feeling in his chest. “Everything… by the book.”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

V’alura startled at the sound of alarms. She turned to the sensors monitoring the lifeform and watched, helpless, as its pattern slipped away into nothing. “Oh no,” Her fingers flew across her screen, attempting everything she could think of to recall the pattern, to pull it back from nothing like a rabbit from a magician’s hat. It was too late, and the second lifeform was gone. V’alura blinked, startled by how sudden it had happened, but she had to focus.

“Caelian. . .” V’alura reached over, and gave the engineer’s shoulder a comforting squeeze. “You didn’t know.” She said. “None of us could have known. . . We’ll figure out what went wrong and we won’t let it happen again.” Her free hand tapped across her console screen, pulling up every bit of data the computer recorded.

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