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Posted May 23, 2021, 9:12 p.m. by Ensign V'alura Belmont (Science Officer) (Abigail G)


Sharah nodded. “But after that, ensign what would you do in here? This is the lab where all of our AI and computer engineering happens. Of course ship’s business and orders come first but that always leaves time for your own projects. So what would you do?”
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What would she do? Oh, that was easy. V’alura knew her answer without having to think about it. “I would continue the work I started for my dissertation. Much of it was theoretical or a narrow example of what could be accomplished. I plan to break down my foundation into smaller pieces then focus on making that small bit a reality.” There was so much to achieve, lives that could be saved if ship AI were able to discern danger and act in the safety of the crew. A ship that could raise shields before the need of a manual command alone could save hundreds if not thousands of lives. “Aside from that I have ideas for an AI system that scans our archives back-log to create automatic priority lists. A whole list of recreational holodeck programs. My ideas for new hardware designs for microprocessors. . . Um, and so on.” She finished with a sheepish smile.

She was, as one would call, an overachiever. Always aiming higher and higher, but organized and smart enough to see her plans and ideas to fruition. Her dissertation alone was five hundred and ten pages. Her Ph.D. advisor said he would have been annoyed with the length if her paper wasn’t so engagingly thorough.

Ensign Belmont (science)

Sharah nodded slowly. The project of course had merit but a lot of potential for misstep and ‘accidents.’ “That sounds promising. A full proposal and a threat assessment would have to completed. As well as complete analysis of the AI to ensure it doesn’t break the synthetic life form restrictions. But En Belmont, what do you think? Could you work this lab?”
OOC: So the synthetic life form restrictions she is referring to has to do with ST: Picard. As of this year 2397 all synthetic life forms/AIs have been banned.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Absolutely.” V’alura said, having no argument there. “I run all my AI through Braunen’s AI Test, even the simple ones.” There was so much potential, but also a million and one ways AI could go pear-shaped. The new rules and restrictions were drilled into her throughout her Masters and Ph.D. coursework. Along with every test conceived to ensure no AI could accidentally reach that stage. There were some in the field who bridled under the restrictions, but V’alura was not one of them. She didn’t enter the field to play god. “I can, ma’am, and I promise to give you and the Ark Angel my best.”

ooc: Thank you for the heads up! I haven’t seen any of the ST: Picard episodes.

OOC: I haven’t seen all of it but that is the biggest thing (rules/regulation wise) that affects the RP right now. I’m sure memory alpha probably has more info about it. :)

Ensign Belmont (science)

Sharah nodded and looked around at the lab staff meeting each of their gazes. Her gaze returned to Belmont. “Glad to hear it En. You will start on alpha shift tomorrow as the new head of the cybernetics lab. You will be responsible for over seeing the varying projects, minor scheduling as it pertains to lab equipment, prolonged testing, etc, and keeping the lab reports up to date. That includes updates on experiments, equipment needs, and safety inspections.” She waved out of the lab and started walking back to the main office. “Questions, comments, concerns?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

V’alura blinked once, then twice her expression blank as she processed Fayth’s words. V’alura had just enough time to craft her response of surprised gratitude before following after her CSO in a daze. Head of the cybernetics lab. It made sense, if she thought about it logically, but she certainly wasn’t expecting it! V’alura schooled her expression towards something more professional and less, well, shocked. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, her momma would say.

“All of the above?” V’alura answered, still gathering her thoughts, “Do I get my own office? I’m honored to accept the position. Is there any areas of the lab that need immediate attention? Equipment or experiment wise?” Meanwhile her mind was already at work, creating mental lists of tasks to complete. Her lists included introductions to the current staff working in the lab, catching herself up on every experiment and every other task and duty Fayth mentioned until she had her entire shift planned and structured for maximum efficiency and work flow.

It would no doubt be a busy day, but she was excited for it. Along with a confidence that she’ll quickly earn the trust of the lab’s current staff. If not with her expertise and knowledge, then with her natural charisma.

Ensign Belmont (science)

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