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Tapping a few commands into the console, Caelian set his station into a diagnostic mode before taking up his toolkit from under his chair. When something goes wrong, he could hear his father say, it’s going to be your job to make it right. That, figlio mio is an engineer’s duty. A Weir’s duty. His brain raced with all manner of formulae and mechanical queries as he mentally ran simulation after simulation. In every case in his experience, it should have been a successful abort-and-retrieve scenario—matter or energy, he should have gotten it back intact! Frowning, he knelt at the aft of the runabout and started looking over his first concern: the modified boridium power source.

Looking through the logs and diagnostics nothing seemed amiss, it wasn’t until he tied in the readouts of the power flow for the boridium power reactor that a possible reason for the accident occured. In short it seemed there had been a minute split second power interrupt at the point of aborting, and this was enough for the second reality bubble to lose cohesion.

Mazi had taken the helm with Fayth taking on the scanning of the miniature version of herself. As she heard the reaction of the others, she spun around in time to see the small energy field blip out of existence. She wanted to comfort Cael, but Belmont had helped to reassure him. She would see if he was all right when they got back. “Ma’am, we are at a stop once more at point of origin,” she said to Fayth as she powered down the small shuttle as she saw the computer running a diagnostic. She assumed it was coming from Cael so she just let it go to let him see if all was well. She couldn’t see anything wrong from her end.

Mazi Eng

MiniFayth listened to this exchange, she seemed to be fuming in roiling frustration, sadness, anger, and confusion all rolled into one. Then as if to roll another boulder of a problem down their hill of problems sensors began picking up that the reality bubbles of all sizes near them were ‘vibrating’ for lack of a better term. They showed signs of a low electro-static connection now. In essence those closer to each other regardless of size seemed more ‘in touch’ with those others nearby, in turn this change seemed to act as an attracting magnet to others not so near. Finally yet in turn MiniFayth seemed to sense this alteration in the environment. “..The empty forms, they......they sense the loss I think.” She stated though even she it seems wasn’t sure how she knew this in her new state.

Caelian grit his teeth against the wave of guilt that rushed over him, tried to focus harder on the diagnostic task at hand. It should have worked, he snarled to himself. It should have been fine. I didn’t mean to kill it. It’s my fault it’s gone.

He winced when the back of his hand brushed too close to a linear compensator, cradled it to his chest out of reflex. It was then he realized that he, too, was mourning the loss. A single tear slid down his cheek, a cool furrow through the field of warm skin. He’d joined Starfleet with the fool notion that being an engineer would help him save lives, make them better. His logical and scientific mind knew that mistakes were like to happen, that it would always be a statistical probability, but his heart didn’t want to accept it. Watch over it for me, Kendra, he thought sadly, almost bitterly.

Though it was excruciatingly difficult, Caelian turned to the small lifeform and lowered his gaze. “I’m so very sorry, little one.”

On sensors a larger reality bubble brushed against the runabout’s shields, it lit up the shield barrier but did no real damage at the contact other then to bounce off. “..They want answers to the loss of form..” MiniFayth echoed.

Anxiety shot through him as he felt the jolt from the energy collision. In a tiny voice, he murmured, “Time to go?”

—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Sharah breathed, closing her eyes, a hand on the wall, the grief in the shuttle overwhelming for a moment, and she wished for a moment she wasn’t there. But she was there and she was in charge of this little … whatever it was. “No, not yet.” she said to Weir. Sharah avoided physical contact as much as possible, but she laid a hand on Weir’s shoulder, “We don’t know enough, it wasn’t your fault you did your best, and that’s all we can do.” It was the truth, but she didn’t expect it to help much. But she knew Weir had done his best.

She turned back to MiniFayth. “You are like me,” she knelt down to get eye to eye, as much as she could, with her smaller self. “It’s called telepathy, where you can speak without words using just your mind. Do you think they would allow me to speak to them the way you are? I will try to answers their questions.”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

There was a furrowing of her mini-brow as MiniFayth seemed to consider this and how to reply. While this was going on two more large reality bubbles bumped in to the runabout from either side sending it drifting a little before the autopilot corrected them to a stop. Again no shield damage was reported. “..Tell me, I will try to tell them in turn as best I can. This....” MiniFatyth seemed to ponder her own words, “..form I think? Is different then the form before.” she added.

GM CockRoach

Poor little one, V’alura thought. Brought into this world only to experience such loss. It broke her heart, but she cannot let that grief control her now. V’alura placed her feelings into a mental box, and slid that box into a side room of her mental landscape. Both inwardly, and outwardly, she projected a feeling of calm. The scanners were going crazy and this needed to be addressed. “The reality bubbles seem to be sharing a low electro-static connection that is acting like a magnet.” She reported, watching the ‘vibrations’ through her console screen.

After the first larger bubble knocked into them V’alura turned to study their shields. “Shields are holding.” Which was great, but there was so much they don’t know about these bubbles and they had proof of their unpredictability. When the two other bubbles knocked into them, and sent them drifting, V’alura did not like the delay before the autopilot stepped in. And with the shuttle powered down for the diagnostic. She turned back to the scanners, and thought this little game of bumper cars was far from over. For even though they can bring their shuttle to a halt, more and more bubbles were being pulled in. “More reality bubbles coming in. . . I could adjust our shields so that they generate a reverse electro-static polarity to the bubbles. Even a weak one could keep the larger ones from knocking us about so much.” Shields were one of the systems with full power still.

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