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Posted June 7, 2021, 3:02 p.m. by Ensign John Tolly (Security Officer) (John Tolly)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi’Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) in Side sim:psyc eval

Posted by Ensign John Tolly (Security Officer) in Side sim:psyc eval

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Dinui xi’Indrai (Chief Counseling Officer) in Side sim:psyc eval
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Ensign Tolly adjust his uniform before pressing the chime to the Counselors office.
He took a deep breath before snapping to attention.

Ensign Tolly security officer

Dinui looked up from her spot at her small desk, the platter of freshly made croissants taking up one side of it, “Come in.” she said lightly watching the doorway, she set aside the PaDD she had been writing on and stood up slowly, “Please make youreself at home and your welcome to a croissant if you wish or I can get you something from the replicator if you’d prefer?”

Dinui xi’Indrai, Chief Counselor

John nodded and grabbed a croissant,
“I’ll take a Centauri Coffe black no cream no sugar” he said as he spread some butter on the croissant.
Grabbing the hot beverage as it was handed to him he thanked the Counselor before taking sip. He gave a somewhat disappointed sigh.
“No matter what they say, its never as good as the real stuff” he said

Ensign John Tolly Security Officer

Diniu nodded her head softly in agreement, “Yes I agree which is why I prefer making croissants and the like fresh from scratch.”

She sipped her from her glass of lemonade, the ice cubes in it were also made of lemonade so as they melted they wouldn’t dilute the rest of the drink. “One day perhaps a replicator can fool our taste buds but in meantime but for now we can enjoy it best we can.”

Dinui xi’Indrai Chief Counselor

John gave a slight shrug as he took a sip.
“I’m not so sure” he said “it’s more up here” he said tapping the temple of his head “This taste just like Centauri coffee, in fact if you were to give this to someone and not tell them it replicated they probably wouldn’t be able to tell the difference..but I do know…therefore can” he takes another sip before setting the cup down again.
“But I’m not here to talk about coffee am i?”

Ensign John Tolly

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