Main Sim - Sickbay 2 - Trax's Unexpected Comm Call

Posted June 14, 2021, 10:46 a.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


=/\= Understood Ensign, continue to find out what you can, we’re currently dealing with a possible intruder alert in Ensign Logan’s quarters and a developing diplomatic issue on the runabout. Keep me apprised =/\= Drudoc said.

Just then the voice from before came back curiously =/\= Hello? Are you still there? =/\= It asked.

Drudoc Andone
=/\= “Aye sir I will do my best but this is not my fortay.”=/\= Trax said with a lump in his throat. As he heard the channel close from the captain.

As Trax heard the voice from the commpanel again.

=/\= I am still here.=/\= Trax sighed softly. =/\= Can you tell me more about your about your business?=/\= Trax tried to get more information than the limited words he received before. He was curious but was trying to be cautious too.

Ensign Trax Suder

=/\= As you may have by now determined we are located on the trading station near where you orbit. We look for sources of information exchanges to spread enlightenment to all those we can meet and who will listen. The more rare the information the more value it carries you see and the greater and close to True Enlightenment we become! =/\= The voice explained. In short it seems this salesperson was also a religious follower of the High Elder One’s faith, as Trax had just been informed information was their common trade good and also was some sort of religious connection, the rarer the more value it carried and the greater the belief in ‘ascending’ to some higher plane one believed. Given the Ark Angel was the sole source of information from the Milky Way galaxy any information they had was certainly a boon for anyone interested! Of course by their own beliefs given the Ark Angel lacked any information of the GN-z11 galaxy and this region in turn the faithful here equally had valuable information to trade.....or so they seemed to think. Finally after a pause the voice continued =/\= We are most eager to exchange information trade with you especially now that your exchanges with the High Elder One have concluded, the sooner we can trade the more value we can command on the information market, as can you! =/\= it explained.

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