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Posted June 14, 2021, 10:49 a.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


”..The little ones eat the .....the stone, they can’t move away right now.” MiniFayth explained evidently the Boridium drew in the infantile like bubbles as a food source.

“They… eat the stone?” Caelian murmured thoughtfully. Well, there was one piece of the puzzle that slid more into place. Obviously there was an interchange between the natural boridium and the protoforms. Looking over his sensor logs, his brow furrowed in thought. “If that’s true, then I wonder…”

There was a pause before the Captain’s voice came back =/\= If these reality bubbles are non-sentient and formless Lieutenant how are they asking for help? =/\= She asked.

Drudoc Andone CO

Fayth tapped a couple buttons and turned on the visual feed. =^=Because, Cpt, when we interacted with one, this happened.=^= she moved out of the way so A done could see MiniFayth. =^=She is fully sentient and from what we can tell, physically, a minute version of me, right down to her telepathy, but her memories are her own. She can communicate with the reality bubbles. And she has asked for our help.=^=

Lt jg Fayth CSO

While the officers discussed the logistics of communication with sentient life, Caelian began to cycle out the runabout’s systems to get them back on deuterium. The lights in the cabin dimmed briefly before surging back to life. He left the shields for last, running several simulations before executing the final shutdown process. Once the boridium generator was completely offline, he decoupled the power cells before turning in his chair.

“Sir, I have an idea.” Caelian leaned forward a bit once they’d finished discussing things. “I’d like to beam the refined boridium a few dozen meters behind the runabout and put a tractor beam on it, make a quick pass through the densest body of protoforms we can and head for the Ark Angel. If these beings feed on the stuff, we may be able to lead them away from the aliens like a carrot in front of a horse.”

A sour thought came to mind, and he sighed. “Assuming, that is, what they crave isn’t the stuff we refined away before plugging it into the reactor.”

—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Drudoc’s voice came back over the comms, =/\= The High Elder One told us that the Boridium was used as a common fuel and energy source in this region likely these new arrivals are simply harvesting for such things. When we mentioned the reality bubbles he seemed dismissive saying they were just supernatural things. Though conversely he said they also provided the basis for enlightenment of those of his faith and belief.=/\= She explained.

There was a pause before Drudoc’s voice came back =/\= We’re currently dealing with some comm and possible intruder traffic right now, we’ll depart as soon as we can. Until then Lieutenant proceed carefully we are new to this region and getting involved in combative or political matters so soon especially with the Prime Directive to consider is paramount. Do what you need to do but dont overly endanger yourselves. =/\= She stated.

=^=Understood Captain.=^= Well they were on their own. Sharah had no intention of engaging with the other vessel, the Fulcrum wasn’t made for that, and they were scientists and engineers on board. There were no security or tactical officers with them.

Weir’s idea actually seemed like a good compromise here, they could hopefully try to lure the little reality bubbles away from the harvesting alien ship while avoiding hopefully causing any problems!

GM CockRoach

“Alright right Weir, that sounds like a good idea. Let’s try it.” She turned to MiniFayth, “We are going to put some of the rock behind us. Do you think you can convince them to come try ours? And we can lead the little ones away to somewhere safer?”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

V’alura looked up from her console screen, “What about the other ship, sir? Should we make contact with them and alert them to our intentions? I think a ship tugging refined boridum behind it will look quite strange. Conversely, they may not like us gathering the reality bubbles at all. They may see our efforts to collect them as, I don’t know, sacrilege?” The captain said the bubbles had religious significance to the local peoples.

Ensign Belmont (science)

Mazi watched out the window and listened to the others. “Ma’am,” she said to the full sized Fayth, “What if we ask it to please stop mining for a moment because it’s interfering with our scanners. We were just finishing up when they arrived. If they stop for that reason, then maybe it’s not so hostile. Then if the ‘little ones’ come our direction, she can say,” she paused a moment glancing back outside then to the mini Fayth. “Perhaps we can say these are a smaller, younger group that weren’t ready yet and we were asked to simply move them away to allow them to grow more for next harvest and yet not interfere with this harvest. If they don’t know how many, what size or what habits these creatures have, perhaps they will buy it.”

It was a long shot, to be sure, but if they were to save the newest generation of creatures, they had to do something fast. Something that wouldn’t cause contention when their ship and protection were so far away. “Weir can push a scan out the other side of the ship and pause it where it would have swept over the newcomers. Then if they do a scan, they can see what we are doing. Right?” She glanced at Weir and Fayth and Belmont in turn wondering if her idea was so convoluted they were all gonna just laugh at her.

Mazi Eng

MiniFayth spoke up again seeming even more on the verge of outright panic. “..Please you need to hurry the little ones are being drawn in nearer to the....the beam thing!” She said referring to the collection particle emission that the small alien ship was using to sweep up the Boridium. If they were going to do something it should be very soon!

GM CockRoach

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