CSO's Office- Ensign Wisniewski Reporting for Duty

Posted June 16, 2021, 10:20 p.m. by Ensign Stanislaw Wisniewski (Science Officer) (Dan Kuehnert)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office- Ensign Wisniewski Reporting for Duty

Posted by Ensign Stanislaw Wisniewski (Science Officer) in CSO’s Office- Ensign Wisniewski Reporting for Duty

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Sharah Fayth (Chief Science Officer) in CSO’s Office- Ensign Wisniewski Reporting for Duty
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Ensign Stanislaw Wisniewski looked in the mirror above the sink in his quarters, studying his face and the collar of his uniform with the one, still relatively new, pip on it. He smiled. Everything looked good.

He remembered back to a few months ago, when he was beginning his first shift as a cadet aboard the Challenger, and how nervous he felt at the time, how worried he was about his ability to actually do the job he’d dreamed of when he was a kid.

He didn’t feel that nervous today, more than anything he felt happy. He was thrilled when he had learned he was assigned to the Ark Angel. Not just a starship assignment, but a Mythology-class deep space explorer! He couldn’t imagine a better place to begin his career as a Starfleet science officer.

Stan checked the chronometer and determined that if he left now he could make it to Chief Science Officer’s office just slightly before his scheduled time. He exited his quarters and headed towards turbolift. “Deck 13,” he said when he entered it.

He exited when the lift reached the requested deck, and walked towards the suite of science labs. He found the door for the Department Head’s office and pressed the button for the chime.

Ensign Wisniewski, Scientist

The science suite wrapped with the hull of the ship a corridor led to the left and right of the door. Down the left on the outer wall was Astrometrics labs 1 and 2 and the inner wall housed the exobiology labs 1 and 2. Down the right hand corridor were the 3 general science lags along with planetary science lab 1. More labs were right below them on deck 14, sharing half that deck with the security department. The other half of deck 13 housed the shield generators.

Directly across from the door was the office. It was…spacious. The room was long and rectangular, curved slightly with the shape of the ship. It extended to either side of the door. Entering her office the space directly in front of the door was the large window. The flower bed was there, not yet planted, but there were several seedlings in small pots sitting on the floor nearby. The whole right side of the office from the door to the end, was a small lab area. A lab table, sink, emergency kits, and other various equipment was there. To the left was her desk. The desk was against the front wall, allowing her to look out the glass wall and around the science suite. The replicator was on the wall behind her desk. On her desk was a basic personal computer terminal. Mounted to the corner was a large screen that displayed what was going on in all the science labs. The ones here on deck 13 and 14. As well as those located in the lower hull of the ship. The information provided the overall status of each lab as well as the equipment and any updates the officers added about their work. On the left corner facing towards the middle of the desk, is a photo of the CSO with a young man. If the person seeing the picture was familiar with the crew they would recognize the CoS as the other person in the picture. There were also several notebooks/sketchbooks as well as PaDDs containing a myriad of information about the workings of the labs and her own personal projects.

Sharah was sitting on the floor working in the flower bed, “Enter!” she called out. She looked up seeing a very fresh faced ensign as the doors opened. “Ah, Ensign Wisniewski. Welcome, come in and have a seat.” Sharah finished with the plant she’d been working on and then stood up, dusting off her hands and knees. Then taking a cloths she cleaned her hands. “Can I get you a drink or something to eat?” She moved towards the replicator.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

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Stan couldn’t help but feeling like a kid in an old-fashioned candy store as he looked around the science suite- it was amazing how much space there was! So many labs, so much top of the line equipment…he couldn’t wait to get started!

After hearing the CSO inviting him to enter, Stan noticed her getting up from one of the flower beds, and wondered what she was working on. Botany wasn’t one of his professional areas of focus, but he did like to garden as a hobby.

Noticing his interest Fayth grinned sheepishly, “My area of expertise. If you ever need me and can’t find me, come check the arboretums.”

As he entered the CSO’s office and took a seat, he heard the Lieutenant’s query about if he wanted anything to eat or drink. “Could I get a cup of coffee please?”, he said.

Ensign Wisniewski, Scientist

Fayth requested the coffee and a glass of water. She set the water on her desk and handed him the coffee, “Please have a seat Ensign and take a breath. Ark Angel can be a lot to take in. Have you been able to find your way around alright?”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

“Well, I haven’t gotten completely lost yet…but only because I checked the specs before I got completely lost,” Stan said with a slight chuckle. “It’s such an amazing ship, I was so excited when I found out that I was assigned to a Mythology-class explorer!”

Ensign Wisniewski, Scientist

Sharah smiled at his enthusiasm. “It is quite a ship isn’t it? Make sure to give yourself extra time to get anywhere. The turbolifts stay busy and there is always a wait. Either to get on one or for all the stops to be made. So tell me Ensign, about your previous assignment.” Sharah remembered her first such meeting as the DH and she’d been supremely nervous to be on the other side of the desk as it were. And now she was getting used to it. Maybe not better at it, but at least used to asking the questions rather than answering them.
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

Stan nodded as the Lieutenant gave her advice about making sure to give himself extra time to get anywhere, that seemed like a helpful tip remember.

“This is my first assignment since graduation,” he said in answer to her question, “but I was assigned to the Challenger during my final year as a Cadet. I was very excited by our mission, we were doing an archaeological survey of some ruins on a moon, and archaeology is one of my areas of specialty, along with anthropology. It was fascinating, we found several items there that did not match the timeframe or the cultures that we were anticipating to be located there. It was quite the mystery!”

He paused, and then continued in a slightly softer tone. “Unfortunately, we didn’t get around to solving the mystery; we had to move along home.” He shrugged. “That’s sort of the nature of being on an Academy ship, you only have a limited time for your tour.” He then added, with a sheepish grin, “But I must admit that I still sometimes look over the data from that survey, trying to see if I can figure out anything more about it.”

Ensign Wisniewski, Scientist

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