Main Sim - Ashley's Quarters - Something Amiss

Posted June 18, 2021, 7:29 p.m. by Ensign Ashley Logan (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Ashley’s Quarters - Something Amiss

The object rustling around in her drawer as it opened looked like a very fat alien rabbit like creature. It had three blinking eyes, a three nostril nose and two overly large ears that flopped down on its side. It looked at Logan briefly blinking its three eyes before letting out a screech of fear and surprise, leaping with surprising agility out of the drawer and dashing out of the bathroom into the living area out of sight somewhere. The entire creature was not much bigger than a foot tall by a foot or so wide.

About this point NE Ash and Blandly came into the quarters phasers drawn looking around. “..Ensign Logan? We’re reporting as ordered, where’s the intruder?” they asked.

GM CockRoach

“The intruder is sitting right here in my drawer you two. It hasn’t done much but it will.” She explained to the NE Ash and Blandly. She did know what was going on cause she has never seeming anything like it before. At this point she doesn’t want to do anything until it’s out of the drawer. The creature then jumps out and the ensign screams. The creature then went into her living area and the NEs stood there.

Ensign Logan

The two NEs equally jumped back in surprise as the alien rabbit ran by them, unlike Logan however, they were not screaming or cowering. They both cautiously drew their phasers and looked about. “..Where’d it go?” One asked.

”..I think it went into the kitchen area!” The other declared. The sound of a low mewling sound coming from that direction under the kitchen table. As the NEs moved that way the rabbit moved lightening fast again dashing out to the door which opened at its approach and out the door. “..Its out of the quarters, quick after it!” The second declared.

”..Come on ma’am! We need your help here!” The first said urging Logan back to doing her job. After all it was just a little alien rabbit right?

GM CockRoach

“Of course I’m on my way. I also suggest that we split up so we can find it that way. We should also consider the fact that it’s a fast one and keep come open at all times.” She said to the first NE after getting ready to go with them. She figured since it found it’s way to her quarters why not go rabbit hunting right?

Ensign Logan.

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