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Posted June 22, 2021, 6:35 a.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


As they began their pass through the denser pockets of protoforms, Caelian deployed the refined boridium behind the runabout as he’d suggested. He let it drift for a moment before snagging it with the tractor beam, noted how to protoforms reacted to it. “The bait’s been laid, Lieutenant, and shields are holding. Now to see if they bite and follow.”

There was a somber satisfaction as he noted how their vented wake wafted into the boridium patch the aliens were harvesting, tried not to smile as the charged cloud diffused their tractor beam just enough to interfere with its cohesion. While the effect was temporary and otherwise harmless, he hoped it would give the protoforms caught in the beam time to break free and follow them away. Perhaps then it would make up for his earlier mistake, show them that they had meant no harm.

Caelian was confident that his actions couldn’t be considered in violation of the prime directive. General Order One prohibited Starfleet vessels and officers from interfering with the internal and natural development of alien civilizations; delaying the aliens from harvesting boridium wouldn’t adversely impact their development, just prove an inconvenience. As far as they were concerned, the protoforms didn’t have a culture or natural development to be interfered with—and if they did, Starfleet itself had introduced it with the arrival of the Ark Angel—so it would have been their duty to rectify it. Regardless, the alien’s technology was obviously on-par with their own, so he couldn’t be faulted for using their own advancements to “unjust advantage.”

Hopefully Sharah and the captain would see it that way. Regardless, Caelian felt the right of it and would gladly accept whatever punishment came of it.

“That should give us enough time for them to catch the scent,” he murmured to the pilot. “Set a course for the Angel and increase speed until the protoforms struggle to keep up. Let’s see what they can do!”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

As the ‘fishing hook’ was laid out the ‘little ones’ took the bait it seems, mass flocking groups ranging from microscopic to the size of a human hand started trailing after the runabout. The disruption to the alien crafts ‘scoop’ effort got them a few vulgar comm bursts from the alien ship something that rudely translated roughly as ‘damn alien tourists’. After the little ones had cleared the area the alien ship went back to scooping up Boridium innocent it seems of the reality bubble’s existence small or larger for that matter.

Sharah nodded listening to the comm translation, they were annoying but not worth effort.

V’alura breathed a sigh of relief when all they got in response was a couple swears from the other ship. She certainly did not want to have to play security officer. Those were her worst classes at the Academy.

The NE pilot called out. “..We’re topping out at .15c sublight about half impulse, any faster and those little uh things aint keeping up I think. Sensors are also showing a larger grouping following in our wake as well, not sure what that’s about.” he reported. “..ETA till we get back to the Ark Angel about an hour or two at this rate.”

GM CockRoach

She turned to the pilot, “Slow down, we don’t want to loose them.” Sharah turned to the sensors to determine if the larger group was just a larger number of ‘little ones’ or larger. And if larger that might be the ‘parents’. “Make a slow turn, don’t loose the ones we have, but head back towards the other group, slowly and to a side trajectory, I don’t want to go through the middle of the group, just along side them.” She turned to MiniFayth, “The little ones are following us, they should be okay for the moment. Do you know what this other group wants?”

Lt jg Fayth, CSO

The NE pilot nodded, doing so with the runabout.

The larger bubbles meanwhile ranging in size from small shuttles to even a few dwarfing the Ark Angel or even Earth spacedock in scope were in evidence. “..They are....are what you call parents. We....” MiniFayth paused. “..I mean they split off after reaching a certain size. The energy release sends shockwaves as they split. Which…” She paused again brow furrowing, now seeming a bit calmer that the ‘little ones’ were safe. “..which I think interacts with fleshy beings like you.....and me I guess now?” She explained. “..The....faithful ones in this region I think I get it now, that when they have these interactions they believe it is from their ‘Gods of Information’ or as they put it Enlightenment.” She said struggling a little to explain the rush of information she obviously was intaking somehow and yet adapting to the new life of a flesh and blood being.

GM CockRoach

“Take your time, little one.” V’alura suggested. Now that the little ones were safe, and the other ship back to it’s normal business, V’alura breathed easier. Though, something nagged at the back of her mind. Thoughts of Quantum Theory and how observation alters reality. A growing part of her that wondered if their interactions with these bubbles and the events of today caused a greater shift in reality than they could imagine. Or, a more apt metaphor: were they the flap of a butterfly’s wing that changed the future of this region? She almost voiced these thoughts, but what proof did she have?

Ensign Belmont (Science)

Sharah nodded and knelt back down to be eye to eye with MiniFayth. “Can you tell them we are bringing them back, the little ones. That we were only trying to get them away from the other ship? We won’t hurt them.” Sharah wondered if they could convince the ‘parents’ to help them get home. To use one of those shock waves to interact with the crew and ‘think’ themselves home. “I think you may be right. Have the parents ever created these splits, these shockwaves, on purpose to help the fleshy beings?” Sharah turned to the rest of the crew on the runabout, “Let’s get the little ones safe first, then maybe we can figure out where to go from there.”
Lt jg Fayth, CSO

MiniFayth nodded to the first question being silent a moment. “..They know.” She replied then.

When the second question got asked MiniFayth was quiet for a longer moment as if considering this. “..Not on purpose. The splits only happen when one is of age and size to reproduce, you might consider the moment their ‘death’ as well.” She said.

GM CockRoach

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