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After the water and yeast activated, Dinui showed the amount of flour, melted butter, salt, sugar to add in and mixed it until it formed a ball of dough, placing it in the mixing she had lightly brushed butter against the side and placed a plate over the top of it. “Now we let it rise for two hours, after that we will roll it out and you get to decided if you want it to go into a loaf pan or cook from your base shape on a flat sheet.” Dinui said as she looked at the ladies in the room.

Dinui xi’Indrai, Chief Counselor

Serenity did as Dinui Xi’lndrai instructed. Soon she had a ball of Dough. ” So I could shape it like cat” She asked curiously.
Ensign Serenity

As ensign Logan walks into the kitchen and everything smells food and she says “Well well I smell food. Who’s been cooking. Count me in. I’m in the mood for cooking and nothing else. I can cook something if anyone wants me to cook them something.” As she said walking in

Ensign ashley Logan

Dinui blinked at Serenity a moment and nodded slightly, “You can try but it might not be exactly what you expect after its cooked.”

When Ensign Logan entered she smiled, “We are making bread today, there’s aprons and chef shirts and hair nets in the back. Help yourself and pick a table.” Dinui said softly.

Dinui xi’Indrai Chief Counselor

As the ensign looked at the counselor after she said that the ensign says “thank you counselor I will do so. But mind you. I don’t have long hair. If you remember in Starfleet history with Ezri Dax. She didnt have long hair. So I’ll go ahead and get a hat, apron and a shirt.” As she mentioned about Ezri Dax and that the ensign only has short hair.

“Short hair can still fall out into your cooking and so that is why I am insisting on the hair nets for us. I have one as well so, there is no reason to not use it.” Dinui said gently yet firmly, there was nothing that ruined a meal faster than finding someone’s hair in it. Clean or not it was the principal of it. No hair net no cooking food.

Sharah’s hands were covered in sticky dough, folding and kneading the dough over and over: probably too much, but she was having fun. And it kept her hands busy but her mind free to surf above the noise.

As soon as the ensign got to the table that she wanted she then got into the dough herself. While she gets into the dough, she knew she was going to get her hands sticky and she would just keep working until she is completely covered in dough while she was making it.

Ensign Logan

Dinui chuckled softly, “To avoid getting too covered in the dough as you work with it, remember to lightly brush your hands with a bit of oil a very small amount goes a long way so you don’t need much.” Though some just had more fun with it and it wouldn’t really hurt anyone to get covered in dough, it was just a matter of washing hands again between the next step.

Dinui xi’Indrai, Chief Counselor

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GM CockRoach

He had some time off from his duties and heard about this little demonstration. Entering the room with a calm and collected manner, he quickly grabbed an apron, hair net and shirt before putting them on. “What sort of bread are we making?” The COS inquired softly, he hadn’t made bread in quite a while.

Lieutenant Enrico Pucci (COS)

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