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Posted June 24, 2021, 6:39 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Enrico Pucci (Chief Of Security) (Stephen MacDonald)

Posted by Ensign John Tolly (Security Officer) in Side Sim - The New COS - Tag: Security Personnel

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Enrico Pucci (Chief Of Security) in Side Sim - The New COS - Tag: Security Personnel
Entering the now more personalized office, dark eyes surveyed the area as he readjusted his uniform to be picture perfect. He had order to maintain and people to protect, this was where Enrico felt most comfortable as he sat down and grabbed the PADD, starting up his little water feature. Normally the office was bleaker, but he wanted to present a slightly more welcoming atmosphere so people could come to him with concerns if needed, he wasn’t an unreasonable man and if needed, individuals who crossed the line would learn that he was a strict but fair man. But after all, prevention was better than cure he thought as he tapped out his message, taking a sip of the strong black coffee like his mother used to make.

Enjoying the bitter tang on his tonsils and feeling the caffeine invigorate him, he soon sent the message to everyone in his department.

=^= Would all Security Personnel please come to the Chief of Security Officer’s office as soon as is convenient, I wish to introduce myself to you all. - Lieutenant Enrico Pucci =^=

Ensign Tolly showed up at the office a few moments later, he quickly snapped to attention.

“Ensign John Tolly reporting as order,Sir!” He said sharply

Ensign John Tolly

Watching the door open, Enrico watched the Ensign enter with a little surprise at his attentiveness and immediate obedience. He remembered fondly how he used to be like that, so attentive and eager to please as a smile threatened at his lips. “At ease, Ensign. This is merely an introduction, I’m your new Commanding Officer.” The man explained simply, standing up to greet him and feeling his knee click. He wasn’t as young as he used to be, all the training and exercise in the galaxy couldn’t stave off increasing age. His hair used to be as dark as his eyes, now it had gone as white as snow. “I’ve been reading through your file, I hear your family have great expectations of you.” Enrico asked, turning his head back to John as he poured a cup of coffee. “Would you like some?” He offered, setting another mug down. The Chief of Security seemed quite amiable for the moment but underneath it lay a core of steel. When the time came, he would do what needed to be done.

Lieutenant j.g. Enrico Pucci (Chief Of Security)

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