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OOC: Another quick retitle to include science JOs!!

After calming down in the holodeck Miz’uki returned to her office she had to get working on plans to return home =^=Ltjg Mazi and Ensign Weir and anyone from science currently free please report to the Chief Engineers office”=^= she called before turning to her research

She had Narrowed down the possibilities to three two of which had been discovered by Voyager while she was in the delta quadrant Quantum Slipstream and Graviton Gates the third was Building a Flea’tan relay that was going to be a long process and might not be possible unless they found some help and more resources while the other two she needed to do more reading up on and who knows how long they could take

still she needed to know what her engineers and the science team had found


NLt Garns voice from science soon came back =/\= NLt Garns here chief, I’ll get Ensigns Belmont and Wisniewski down there for you.=/\=

GM CockRoach

Caelian stepped into the office looking a little dogged but no worse for wear from his runabout experience. Nearly all of his focus was directed at the PaDD in his hand until he heard the door hiss shut behind him. Blinking, he looked up with a very bewildered expression, almost as if he hadn’t expected to be where he was. He offered the chief a faint smile, snapping the PaDD down to his side.

“Ensign Weir, reporting as ordered, sir.”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

Mazi had seen Caelian enter engineering as she rounded the corner. He had taken control of MiniFayth and she hoped the little thing was well. She would have to talk to Cae later about it.

Stepping in just a moment behind him, she glanced at those around. “Sir? You called for us?” She nodded to Caelian and wondered what had happened when they were gone. She sure had plenty to report as well. Waiting for the answer, she glanced at Caelian and whispered, “Is the little one all right?”

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