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Nodding confidently to the chief, he hefted his PaDD and queued up the sensor logs from the runabout, particularly the energy patterns of the protoforms and the data he’d collected about the aliens as they high-tailed back to the Angel. While he had been forced to alter his thought process once he learned the nature of the strange energy bubbles, his experiments weren’t completely torpedoed.

“It’s just a matter of connecting the dots in an unconventional way,” he murmured to himself.
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

“We need to finalize the plan to get the ship home I want to be back in the Alpha/Beta quadrant yesterday” she growled her tail flicking about in agitation


Ensign Belmont stepped inside, carrying a portable console of her own make and design. Rectangular and roughly two feet long, by one foot tall, by one foot wide, the tech within encased by glossy grey plastic. Built into the top of the console were over a dozen holo projectors that could create UI interfaces and project visual data in neon lines and polygons. Simple visuals but visuals was not where her little console shined. Oh no, this little beauty was capable of serious number crunching and capable of running any number of advanced simulations. This little grey box was the culmination of all her skill, knowledge and expertise.

“Ensign Belmont reporting,” She said, and set her console down. With a wave of her hand the UI appeared, “Sorry for the delay, had to grab this beauty. We can use her to test theories and ideas. Nothing short of the computers in the cybernetics labs itself could out pace her in processesing power and ability.” V’alura also pulled out a PaDD loaded with resources and data banks on applied mechanics as it related to space and space travel. “So, what do we have? In terms of ideas to get home, I mean.”

Ensign Belmont

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Mazi had seen Caelian enter engineering as she rounded the corner. He had taken control of MiniFayth and she hoped the little thing was well. She would have to talk to Cae later about it.

Stepping in just a moment behind him, she glanced at those around. “Sir? You called for us?” She nodded to Caelian and wondered what had happened when they were gone. She sure had plenty to report as well. Waiting for the answer, she glanced at Caelian and whispered, “Is the little one all right?”

Lt JG Mazihari Allendor Engineer

I have three potential ideas two of which I dug up from the files about Voyager…” she growled rolling her eyes “Still two of the ideas I have are quite intense and we may need to find some way of helping with resources and such and may take sometime unless we find a way to cheat a bit” she said “Still lets wait for the rest of Engineering and Science to show up” She said

It was a little difficult to keep his demeanor of confidence with the chief in such an open state of agitation, but he managed. Caelian gave an appreciative nod in V’alura’s direction before returning his attention to his notes. Since becoming stranded in… whatever unknown region of space they’d found themselves in, he’d dedicated most of his free time to the study of various propulsion theories. He’d even come up with a few of his own, though Caelian had been too busy to test more than the boridium modifications beyond the confines of his imagination.

The chief could have been on the right track, assuming they could adapt proven technologies to their situation. One of his own projection models was based on archived data from the Enterprise and their chance encounter with the Kelvan; it was just a matter of overcoming the dilithium destabilization cascade that caused Starfleet to scrap its design introduction. The energy from the protoforms was a promising supplement, but harnessing it safely—and now morally—would prove to be interesting to say the least. While he couldn’t grant the chief’s desire to be home “yesterday,” he was relatively confident that he could contribute to the effort of getting them all home a bit faster.

Assuming I can get some rest, he noted as the lines on his PaDD began to blur, and several hours of holodeck time.

Until then, he decided to wait patiently and quietly for the rest of the invitees to arrive as not to cause Chief Miz’uki’s consternation to fall in his direction.
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

She moved to get everything set up for the big meeting that was about to happen


Of course! The Voyager files. If there were ever a source for inspiration then she could think of no better. “Of course,” V’alura said, though her fingers itched to get starting. Intense ideas sounded ominous but terribly interesting. Their finite resources proved another pickle. Her simulations will have no room for error. No matter what plan they come up with and utilize, failure of any kind, of any measure, could be the difference between stuck here and home.

‘Not that I mind so much,’ V’alura thought. Then felt terrible about. She may be okay with being trapped in a distant sector of space, but that didn’t mean her fellow officers or the civilians did. They had families and lives way out there. Reasons to make it home no matter what. It was terrible wasn’t it? To realize she’s stayed so calm because it did not matter to her if she made it home or not.

Ensign Belmont

once everyone was there she got started “Right we are all gathered here so we need ideas to get the ship home I have three of my own they are resource and labor-intensive however one of them can open this galaxy up for Starfleet to send other ships back here the first is we build a Flea’tan Array link it to the one in Andromeda though as we all well know building such is a massive undertaking and very resource-intensive as well as time-consuming…Unless we find some allies or materials or something to help cut down on everything

The second idea is Graviton Slingshot gates it would require us to stop every now and then to build a new one every now and then and it would be tedious the third Idea is to modify the ship with a Quantum Slipstream drive we would need to stop and take breaks to do maintenance and let the drive cool down however it would be the lest labor-intensive and simplest option” she said going into her ideas for all those gathered


Caelian blinked at the chief’s verbal barrage. Had she said that all in one breath? The engineer frowned at the ideas, rolling them around in his mind. He had very little experience with the Ark Angel‘s flea’tan modifications, only enough to make sure the ship wouldn’t explode from their use. While each had their merits, they all had one very glaring flaw that concerned him.

“Not that I want to put a intoppo into our plans to get home,” Caelian offered carefully, “but I feel obliged to point out that we’ve absolutely no idea where we are, or the intervening space between this sector of space and home. Not only would we have to guarantee that we’d have the resources to build each of these devices as we go—save for the slipstream drive, which is going to be a nightmare of an overhaul—we have to consider what we’d be leaving behind that other species might find someday.”

He stopped himself for a moment, took a steadying breath. Caelian felt the need to return to more-familiar territory as keenly as the next officer, but he was also concerned with their safety and security. It was true enough that they could limp and jump their way home, but that would present a potential difficulty each time they stopped. They weren’t operating in a vacuum; as they’d already discovered, there were other lifeforms in just this one region of space they weren’t certain of how to deal with. Every stop would mean a chance for another encounter, and another, then another until they were home.

“The last time an entity like Q took an interest in a Starfleet vessel, it nearly brought the Borg to our doorstep. And that was without technology left behind like breadcrumbs pointing our course back to Federation space.” He let that thought sink in a moment. “Maybe we can throw caution—and the Prime Directive—to the wind for the sake of getting us home and let other species fend for themselves, but we have to consider that our actions may bring more than we mean to home with us if we don’t play our cards right.”

Caelian looked to V’alura, then back to Miz’uki. “Given those options, I’d agree that the slipstream drive would be our best option of proven technology. However, I have a theory that we may be able to use the protoform energy in a similar manner to get us home. It will take some time and study—I don’t want to even discuss the idea if it involves what amounts to murder—but it could provide a viable option that could get us home in less time. Or, at least, with less stops.”

And then there’s the matter of why we’re here in the first place, he mused to himself. While they seem to be as whimsical as any mortal human, the Q always have a reason for why they do what they do—even if it’s capricious or selfish. And it’s not the first time Starfleet’s been put on “trial”. Is this a test of morality?
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

GM CockRoach

“Goodness!” A freaking Flea’tan Array??? V’alura didn’t even want to think about all the planning and time that would go into such an undertaking. It would be a logistics and diplomatic nightmare. The Chief Engineer certainly knew how to come out swinging. Go big or go home she supposed. At least the other suggestions were far more reasonable if problematic in their own ways.

Caelian spoke next, measured and thoughtful. Though he contributed to V’alura’s second and more worried, “goodness!” By mentioning the Borg. And the whole potential can of worms they could be opening for everyone back home. Now wasn’t that a scary and intimidating thought. Though, his idea of using the protoform energy to return home was intriguing. . . except the potential murder part which did not spark a lot of confidence it her.

“No matter what avenue of travel we decide to explore,” V’alura spoke up, “Caelian has the right of it. First things first we need to figure out where we are and the distance between us and home. We could talk ideas and crunch numbers till the cows come home but it won’t mean squat if we don’t know where we’re going and for how long. Which,” She smiled, “Shouldn’t be too difficult at all. We may be on the other side of the galaxy but that doesn’t mean some high-tech telescope hasn’t glimpsed wherever we landed and catalogued it somewhere by some person at some time.

“I saw we get the cybernetics lab to team up with stellar cartography and push our sensor arrays to their limits. If we can pull together a detailed star chart of our current location we can upload it to the computer and have it compare our map to records of distant galaxies in the database. Galaxies and stars are like thumbprints, each one is unique. It’ll take time, and the better the star chart the more we can narrow down the search.”

Ensign Belmont (Science)

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