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Posted July 24, 2021, 8:32 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Nivor looked up from studying intra-ship reports on the terminal beside his chair and made a face. A… rabbit… intruder of some kind, and Fayth falling ill due to the reality bubbles? I do not like this place, he thought, leaning back in the seat.

“Please keep an eye on the paths of those bubbles, Lieutenant Pucci,” he said, standing and turning to where the security officer was. “And make sure our shields are still effective against them. I don’t like that we also somehow ended up with an intruder aboard.” He touched the outline of one of his breathers with his tongue through the cheek, eyes unfocused as he thought. He raised his eyebrows and looked to the captain.

“How are the local ships avoiding issues with the bubbles? Are their shields different from ours somehow?”

XO Rhansi

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”..We found a way to modify our shields to keep them out, which concerns me how an alien rabbit got aboard given we’ve kept our shields up this whole time..” Drudoc said.

Drudoc rose from her chair then at the news of the CSO being out of commission. “..Commander I’ll be in my ready room settling the issue of assigning an acting CSO. Alert me if any problems occur further.” she said.

Drudoc Andone CO

Rhansi nodded and moved to the center seat. His concentration on the intra-ship reports broken, he had a sudden thought and pulled up the Federation planetary summaries he had promised to the Elder One. These were simple information packets on major planets in the Federation, the kinds of things taught to students in school. He initiated a transfer to the comm point for the Elder One’s ship and then closed the channel.

He looked at the viewer, watching the traffic of unknown ships against a background of unknown stars. Part of him wanted to go home; it was the best for the crew to begin working on getting home as soon as possible. But part of him also longed to explore what they could find here - something no one else from their galaxy would ever see again in multiple lifetimes.

XO Rhansi

NE Barns at Operations spoke up behind the XO. “..Sir the High Elder One’s councilor of monetary funds for alien visitors......boy that’s a long title it’s like someone got lazy on creating it..” He muttered then, “..ahem anyhow he has informed us that we have a ‘sizable credit’ for our exchange of information for future purchases of supplies or other information packets we may require.”

GM CockRoach (Who yes just made fun of himself for being lazy :P)

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