Main Sim - Lower Kitchen Storage Room - Chasing An Alien Rabbit (Tag all security!)

Posted July 26, 2021, 7:36 p.m. by Ensign Ashley Logan (Security Officer) (Christopher Logan)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Lower Kitchen Storage Room - Chasing An Alien Rabbit (Tag all security!)

As the trio entered the lowered kitchen storage room, they found a bit of chaos at work. The rabbit in a panic had knocked over a lot of storage containers and cooking supplies causing a mess to spread out through the room. The rabbit was currently in a far corner behind some boxes chewing on an EPS plasma power tap.

Ensign Logan then sighed and is wondering what to do about this mess after they got the rabbit into custody. “Billy and Bob,” she said to the NE’s “let’s try and getting this thing under control, and in custody.” She said to the NE’s.

Ensign Logan.

NE Billy strode to the right while Bob strode to the left side of the kitchen. Glancing to Logan Bob said, “..I’d recommend we be careful in approaching the rabbit ma’am, looks like its chewing on a primary EPS Plasma tap for the kitchen equipment. If we’re not careful it could bite through it and start a fire. So how do you want us to approach this?” He asked.

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GM CockRoach

“Bob. I like your idea. It’ll work very well for us. I do think that if we’d do something. Ignoring it is the wisest choice cause if we scare it it’ll cause something. Let me get a hold of the captain.” =/\= captain. We have found the rabbit but we aren’t gonna go at it cause if we did, we’d scare it and it’ll cause a fire within the EPS plasma tap relay. Any suggestions sir? =/\=. She tapped her com badge and said to NE Bob.

Ensign Logan

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