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Posted Aug. 1, 2021, 4:43 p.m. by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) (Robert Archer)


Rhansi nodded and moved to the center seat. His concentration on the intra-ship reports broken, he had a sudden thought and pulled up the Federation planetary summaries he had promised to the Elder One. These were simple information packets on major planets in the Federation, the kinds of things taught to students in school. He initiated a transfer to the comm point for the Elder One’s ship and then closed the channel.

He looked at the viewer, watching the traffic of unknown ships against a background of unknown stars. Part of him wanted to go home; it was the best for the crew to begin working on getting home as soon as possible. But part of him also longed to explore what they could find here - something no one else from their galaxy would ever see again in multiple lifetimes.

XO Rhansi

NE Barns at Operations spoke up behind the XO. “..Sir the High Elder One’s councilor of monetary funds for alien visitors......boy that’s a long title it’s like someone got lazy on creating it..” He muttered then, “..ahem anyhow he has informed us that we have a ‘sizable credit’ for our exchange of information for future purchases of supplies or other information packets we may require.”

GM CockRoach (Who yes just made fun of himself for being lazy :P)

“They were quite quick with that,” he said to Barns. “I’m sure our engineering team will find that useful if we end up needing supplies for their efforts.”

He stood and turned to the Operations officer. “We’ve been in-system for some time now; what else have sensors picked up now?” Their primary sensors were capable of mapping several light-years per day, and hopefully would have been able to get more information on anything else of interest in the area, even it wasn’t yet complete.

XO Rhansi

Just as the CO left, a comm call for the captain came in though the XO probably could take care of it too, =/\= captain. We have found the rabbit but we aren’t gonna go at it cause if we did, we’d scare it and it’ll cause a fire within the EPS plasma tap relay. Any suggestions sir? =/\= Ltjg Logan asked.

GM CockRoach

Rhansi glanced at the retreating back of the captain and then responded. =^= One moment, Ensign, =^= he responded, tapping his chair terminal. =^= I see you’re in the lower kitchen storage - if you tell us which panel the creature is in, we can disable that EPS route. Then you should be able to stun the creature. =^= He looked at the operations officer, whose fingers flew across the LCARS panel before him and then nodded he was ready for the command.

XO Rhansi

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