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“Goodness!” A freaking Flea’tan Array??? V’alura didn’t even want to think about all the planning and time that would go into such an undertaking. It would be a logistics and diplomatic nightmare. The Chief Engineer certainly knew how to come out swinging. Go big or go home she supposed. At least the other suggestions were far more reasonable if problematic in their own ways.

Caelian spoke next, measured and thoughtful. Though he contributed to V’alura’s second and more worried, “goodness!” By mentioning the Borg. And the whole potential can of worms they could be opening for everyone back home. Now wasn’t that a scary and intimidating thought. Though, his idea of using the protoform energy to return home was intriguing. . . except the potential murder part which did not spark a lot of confidence it her.

V’alura spoke, “Thankfully we know where we are. GN-z11.” She activated her console box, showcasing a simplified map of the galaxy with two blinking dots to represent their current location and pre-Q location. “The slipstream drive is the safest option and is, what I feel, the most viable. I can start running the simulations to find the best possible route home and an estimated arrival time. It will be a start, at least.”

Ensign Belmont (Science)

Caelian nodded at V’alura’s suggestion, then turned his attention back to the chief. “It’s not a bad plan, sir. We could leapfrog our way home, use the time that it takes for the slipstream drive to cool down to scan the next run of space to make sure we won’t hit anything before our next jump. I’d recommend coordinating with the science teams to have all hands ready when we do, though—no one we know has ever passed through this section of space, and it would be a shame not to collect as much data as we can as we go.”

With his stomach in a bit of a knot and the grip on his PaDD tightening a bit, the engineer cleared his throat. “I-If it’s all right, sir, I’d like permission to put together a small team to explore my theory into protoform energy.” He quickly looked at V’alura with a flush. “N-Not to say that the slipstream idea isn’t our reliable bet, but again we’re not going to be back here a while and—succeed or fail—I’m not going to have a chance to study them again.

“I’m prepared to work in my off-hours so as not to impact my duties while we undertake modifications for the slipstream drive,” he continued, nodding assuredly to the chief. “I can also work small-scale, maybe one of the runabouts? Though I do have a bit of starship design under my belt if we have the resources to come up from scratch. Think of it as a Plan B.”
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

“So just a note here people The flea’tan array and the gates would yes have to remain behind however given that one would need to already have interstellar travel as an option to even find what we leave behind I do not see a problem concerning the Prime Directive and the Flea’tan array we can link to the one in Andromeda then hop back through their Array to head back home and it would allow us or another Starfleet ship to come back someday to do more study” she explained “However I see you guys all think the Slipstream is the way to go so I will be taking your input to the captain and she will have the final say Weir go ahead and do some experiments though please be careful you don’t cross any lines that should not be if you need an example of crossing those lines so you can make sure you yourself do not Look to the example of the Equinox in the Voyager files” she said gathering up the notes and opinions of everybody so she could go report to the captain


=^=”Computer where is the captain Currently?”=^= she asked ready to take what they had talked about to the Captain so a path could be decided on with the captains input


=/\= Fleet Captain Andone is in her Ready Room =/\= The computer replied.

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GM CockRoach

Caelian nearly toppled beneath the chief’s verbal barrage. While his knowledge of Starfleet history wasn’t as versed as hers, he almost laughed at the suggestion of learning what not to do from another vessel’s example. Weren’t all Federation mandates standard across the board? Still, if the chief wanted him to take note of lines not to cross, he’d review the logs of the—what had she said again? Exodus? Equinox? If he could only think straight! Misericordia, he was tired—the other ship, he’d take a peek. Of course, that would have to be after he wolfed down a quick meal and grabbed some sleep. He didn’t even want to think how long he’d been up.

Turning to V’alura, he offered a faint smile. “If you’re so inclined to put that thing to work with some theoretical equations,” he murmured, gesturing to her machine, “I’m going to see about setting up some simulations in Holodeck Three. A science perspective could help, assuming I can get us a look at some protoform energy.”

He yawned, then, clapping his hand across his mouth to keep his jaw from creaking. “Oof, apologies. I-I think I’m going to grab a catnap before I start, though.”

Trying to keep the embarrassed heat out of his face, Caelian made polite excuses and slipped from the chief’s office. As the door closed behind him, his stomach let out a disgruntled gurgle. Just my luck, he thought glumly. I get to see if I pass out from exhaustion or starvation first.
—Caelian Weir, Engineer—

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