Main Sim - Lower Kitchen Storage Room - Chasing An Alien Rabbit (Tag all security!)

Posted Aug. 4, 2021, 10:03 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Enrico Pucci (Chief Of Security) (Stephen MacDonald)

Posted by Fleet Captain Drudoc Andone (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - Lower Kitchen Storage Room - Chasing An Alien Rabbit (Tag all security!)

NE Billy strode to the right while Bob strode to the left side of the kitchen. Glancing to Logan Bob said, “..I’d recommend we be careful in approaching the rabbit ma’am, looks like its chewing on a primary EPS Plasma tap for the kitchen equipment. If we’re not careful it could bite through it and start a fire. So how do you want us to approach this?” He asked.

“Bob. I like your idea. It’ll work very well for us. I do think that if we’d do something. Ignoring it is the wisest choice cause if we scare it it’ll cause something. Let me get a hold of the captain.” =/\= captain. We have found the rabbit but we aren’t gonna go at it cause if we did, we’d scare it and it’ll cause a fire within the EPS plasma tap relay. Any suggestions sir? =/\=. She tapped her com badge and said to NE Bob.

Ensign Logan

=^= One moment, Ensign, =^= came the voice of the XO. There was a brief pause.

=^= I see you’re in the lower kitchen storage - if you tell us which panel the creature is in, we can disable that EPS route. Then you should be able to stun the creature. =^=

XO Rhansi

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GM CockRoach

“We could use the EPS itself to knock it out. Send a power surge through the EPS, it’ll receive a shock at which point we can capture it.” Lieutenant Pucci offered, giving it careful consideration. “It may be attracted to the energy, turning it off might just make it run away.”

Lieutenant Enrico Pucci (COS)

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